// under a wide brim //


Can someone point me to the nearest picnic? 

Follow along as I explore an abandoned camp wearing jewelry from Studio Blue, a dress from Blackwater, a hat from San Diego Hat Company, and shoes from AGL! I'm so into gingham these days and cannot wait to fill my closet with more of it over the summer.


// falling for you //


It's been a while since I've posted here -- but I'm happy to be back, sharing a shoot brought to you by Pitusa! I guess you can say I have been busy getting to know our new neighborhood ~ and I am beginning to fall in L O V E with our surroundings.


Even though I haven't been as active here on the blog, I have been creating more than ever. Inspiration is everywhere you look here on Pine Mountain - and Darren and I are always feeling that urge to get out, explore, and document our dreams by turning them into reality! As we explore we discover new places, and one of those places is the location here in this shoot.


A short 10-minute drive from our house takes you here, overlooking layers of mountains being backlit by the setting sun, and oh my is it dreamy! We can't stop going back ::)


I think I have found my new happy place - where I will go to wash all of those worries away and let my mind wander into those endless layers of mountains! Or just to enjoy a nice beer with my love! Ok, now enjoy the rest of the photos! 


The End! Now keep your eyes peeled for new content, I wasn't joking when I said we've been out creating more than ever! ::) 

// bougainvillea heaven //


This is an important shoot for me - not only because I just love my outfit from Echo and Air, but because this is the last shoot we did at our LA home before we moved into our new cabin in the mountains. The bougainvillea in our front yard was in full bloom as we were packing up our things, as if our house was giving us a farewell! Leaving our LA home in it's dreamy spring state wasn't easy, but I'm happy I'll have these photos to cherish the memories forever. Farewell, LA! I'm still close by ::)


// all dressed up with nowhere to go //


Hello, everyone~ I am happy to share the second shoot we captured for Madison James. I just love dressing up in their stunning gowns, wandering around and creating with my love! There's something so special about being 'all dressed up with nowhere to go' - the only place we were headed was towards the best light in the Carrizo Plains! I hope you enjoy this shoot featuring a magical gown brought to you by Madison James.


You can find this stunning gown here! Good news, it also comes in gold! ::)

// she's a wildflower //


Hello, WORLD! As you know, I have been MIA moving into our new cabin in the woods. Good news, I am back and feeling better than ever! Waking up to the smell of pines and enjoying constant beautiful views of the Los Padres National Forest has us both ever-so-inspired and ready to create. Here is a shoot we did while driving through our new "neighborhood", brought to you by Sbicca Footwear and Somedays Lovin! Enjoy!


// such a super bloom //

Follow me as I take you through the superbloom in Anza Borrego, while wearing the dreamiest little get up from Blackwater!

// fire walk with me //

Exploring unfamiliar places is when I am the most inspired. Seeing things for the first time and experiencing a little 'love at first sight,' keeps all of those creative juices flowing and pushes me to create magic! I've been holding off on telling you guys some exciting news, because we have been waiting to finalize everything, but it's almost to the point where I can tell you. So, for now I'll just say that Darren and I are moving into the mountains outside of LA! That's all for now (until it's FINAL!), but basically this drive right here will be in our 'backyard.' It's the first time we've done this drive through the mountains almost all the way to where it drops you off into the ocean, but our tank was running low so we couldn't make it all of the way haha! However, I was STUNNED by the beauty of this drive. Everywhere you turn there's an impressive view, lit by the perfect amount of sunlight. I was feelin' all the love that day - so I chose to wear my favorite color pink in that lovin' theme! I hope you enjoy what we created with all of these new sights.

I cannot wait to tell you guys more, but in order to not jinx it I'm going to stay quiet hehe! Peep the links to what I'm wearing below.

// on the rocks //

Lena Bernard just released her new collection and I am so in love - her jewelry is a dream, y'all! The craftsmanship in every piece I have been lucky to own by her is just incredible. Each piece is truly a work of art and they add the best vibe to any look. 

I am excited to release this shoot! I have been saving this post until Lena released her new collection. I hope you enjoy the imagery we created in Joshua Tree, while on the rocks, soaking in the best kind of golden light.

// on the way home //

Here's a visual diary from our drive home after leaving the ever-so-magical Big Sur! We stopped at many locations on the way and made the most of our 5 hour drive back to LA. 

// be my valentine //


Here is a little shoot inspired by LOVE in light of Valentine's Day coming up! For those of you still on the hunt for that perfect outfit to wear, I've put together a sexy-fairy-goddess look that will leave your lover speechless! Enjoy ::)


Photos shot by my valentine Darius Twin <3


// sunset salsa //


Nothing quite beats a sunset on the coast, especially when that coastal sunset happens in Big Sur while you are wearing layers of the softest white fabric, shakin' and movin' and feelin' all of the best vibes! I seriously cannot get enough of this top & skirt by Pitusa (and their entire shop, actually). Watch as I fall in love with the way the fabric moves to the sun setting behind the horizon - creating the most gorgeous golden glow!


If you're looking for that perfect look to wear to your upcoming Spring beach trips, look no more! This outfit will have you feeling like your on vacation in no time, and will also be your best companion on the dance floor ::) Check out the links to what I am wearing below!

// desert getaway //

Waking up at the Cactus Moon Retreat was the most delightful experience and a great way to start the day in Joshua Tree - especially when wearing that bodysuit from Miakoda, made with the softest sustainable and organic material!

From our bedroom window, we had the most mesmerizing views of the mountains. I don't think I could have asked for a better thing to see right as my eyes began to open in the morning!

So Darren and I took advantage of the natural light, the designed-to-perfection house, and of course that rad lil' bodysuit!

Once the sun set, we wanted to take advantage of the dance studio at the Cactus Moon Retreat by using a bit of dance + light painting! We've had this idea in mind for quite some time, but just never had a studio at our fingertips. This was our chance to get our creative juices flowing and improvise on some imagery. The following images are 3 of many shots that we took! I changed my pose between every shot, and Darren would create illustrations for each one on the spot. I just love the way they turned out!

I loved teaming up with Miakoda on this shoot and admire their statement when designing clothing - they "equally emphasize ecology and excellence in design" Their production is organic and made in NYC! Check out what I am wearing from their collection below.

// dear disco ball //

All of the rain (YAY!) and cold weather has kept Darren and I in LA for the most part. Because of this, we have been thinking outside of the box while getting creative at our own home! So here we go with a little 70s disco queen / girl next door shoot featuring a couple of my favorite brands - Somedays Lovin and Sbicca!

While it's been so nice being home and getting back into a steady routine, I'm already feeling the urge to get out and explore some new locations. Well, there are some exciting things on the horizon so stay tuned! In the meantime, I'll be taking a nap on my disco ball pillow! ZzZz

// after the rain //

It has been raining so much here in LA the past week and I am absolutely loving it (and so are my plants!). It makes me feel totally okay with just staying home and wearing my pajamas all day. Well I decided to fight that lazy feeling yesterday since the sun decided to come out for a solid hour and I had just received my new package from Nordstrom, eek! I thought I would make the day a bit brighter with a Parisian styled shoot in my backyard. I mean, how green are my succulents looking after that rain?! Oh, and now I'm craving a Paris trip.

If you love this look as much as me, peep the links below! All photos shot by Darius Twin.

// angel in the redwoods //

Pictures speak louder than words sometimes, and in this case, they truly show the magic that exists in the redwoods, especially around the holidays. What a treat it was to spend a few days with some of the tallest trees on earth! Please do enjoy what we created during a cold but sunny day.


The dress I am wearing is from Blackwater and the boots are from Roc! All photos shot by Darius Twin, of course.