// above it all //

Remember how in one of my recent posts I said I couldn't get enough of the mountains near my house these days? Well here I am cruising up and over the San Gabriel mountains, through the clouds, creating imagery brought to you by Hollister! What I love about this drive is that it's never the same - the sky always looks different, creating a totally new atmosphere every time. All I knew at this point is that once we got to the top, we'd either be in the clouds creating with a spooky vibe, or we'd rise above them.

It turns out we rose above them! Once we made it to the top, the clouds covered Los Angeles and all you could see were those cotton candy textures and a heavenly sunset. I felt like I was floating!

The clouds were so mesmerizing, and made for the best backdrop to showcase one of my favorite looks and some last minute holiday gift ideas from Hollister! This entire look I'm wearing is under $80 (except for the shoes) - so if you're looking for something that's adorable and affordable, you know where to shop! I mean, who doesn't love a cozy matching beanie + scarf combo (costing a total of $23)? Now, I hope you enjoy some more of the magic we created while *above it all*!

This backpack would also make the perfect gift and it's only $20! I've been bringing it on all of our adventures lately.

I absolutely loved teaming up with Hollister on this post and I linked up everything I wore (+ a few more goodies) below! Happy Thursday, everyone!

Photos shot by Darius Twin.