// on a bright and sunny day //

Oh my, I'm so happy the weather is changing here in southern California! Waking up and tugging on the covers to cover my chilly shoulders, feeling that morning breeze as I sip coffee, and brushing the dust off of my favorite sweater are all signs that winter is coming and I'm so excited! I mean, there's not much of a winter here in SoCal, but I'm still excited about a new season and a temperature drop! New seasons always inspire me to see things in a new perspective - especially when traveling. So in light of the changing season, here's an outfit inspired by a bit of chill on a bright and sunny day - while perfectly matching a Death Valley backdrop.

If you're wondering if those are the sunnies that I featured in my last post, you are correct! They are by Silhouette and I'm in love with them for many reasons - they look amazing on, can be styled many ways, and are so lightweight and durable. I've also found that they match my fall/winter wardrobe perfectly - therefore, they never leave my face ::)

What's another reason why I love winter you may be asking? V-E-L-V-E-T. Who else can't stop wearing velvet these days? My wardrobe may hint that I have a slight obsession. The dress I'm wearing in these images is by Topshop from Nordstrom. They have a really great velvet selection!

Take a peep at what I'm wearing with the links below! 

Photos shot by Darius Twin.