// dawn on the dunes //

What a strange night of sleep I had last night - always hoping to wake up to realize that this whole thing was a nightmare, and that in fact things were okay. It wasn't easy to get up at first. I felt uninspired, hopeless, and alone. I quickly had to remind myself that this is the kind of situation that makes people really push for change and for their voice to be heard. It was this positive thinking that quickly changed my mindset. That if we, as one, stick together to make a change, and give it all of our might, it will happen. Be hopeful, be strong, and speak up. We're a lot stronger than we think we are.

If you're looking for something to take your mind off of the current situation, get out and see something new. Wake up for sunrise - it's these moments that keep us connected with the world around us and inspire new ideas and ways of thinking.

This particular moment was something so special to me. To wake up before the sun, feel the temperature and sky's color change as it rises to start a new day, is such an inspiring feeling - it inspires me to set goals, to live freely, and to find something to be thankful for everyday. There's many ways you can trigger this kind of inspiration - but you must take some time for yourself these next few days to discover what they may be. 

This particular sunrise we spent at Mesquite Sand Dunes in Death Valley - a spot we can never get enough of. I'm wearing a dress to perfectly match those sandy colors by Pitusa. I hope you enjoy what we created. 

Remember, be strong and stay hopeful and inspired. We are stronger together!