// fire walk with me //

Exploring unfamiliar places is when I am the most inspired. Seeing things for the first time and experiencing a little 'love at first sight,' keeps all of those creative juices flowing and pushes me to create magic! I've been holding off on telling you guys some exciting news, because we have been waiting to finalize everything, but it's almost to the point where I can tell you. So, for now I'll just say that Darren and I are moving into the mountains outside of LA! That's all for now (until it's FINAL!), but basically this drive right here will be in our 'backyard.' It's the first time we've done this drive through the mountains almost all the way to where it drops you off into the ocean, but our tank was running low so we couldn't make it all of the way haha! However, I was STUNNED by the beauty of this drive. Everywhere you turn there's an impressive view, lit by the perfect amount of sunlight. I was feelin' all the love that day - so I chose to wear my favorite color pink in that lovin' theme! I hope you enjoy what we created with all of these new sights.

I cannot wait to tell you guys more, but in order to not jinx it I'm going to stay quiet hehe! Peep the links to what I'm wearing below.