// friendsgiving under the stars //

Every year, around Thanksgiving, my good friends and I go on a camping trip - not only to give thanks, but to enjoy each other's company while being unplugged from the 'real world' under the stars with a campfire burning bright. This year we chose to explore and experience Death Valley together, and although I have been there many times, this trip really stood out to me. I felt so thankful to have these people in my life - the whole journey was filled with the *best* music, photos, adventures, smiles, and best of all, love. Sometimes we need moments like this to take a step back and really admire the people in our lives and the moments shared together. 

Urban Outfitters made these moments even brighter and more memorable! They have all of the perfect gifts for the Holidays - and fortunately, we were able to bring those along with us on this journey. Take a peek at the items below!

Photos shot by Darius Twin