// in bloom //


We finally did what we absolutely had to do - chase the Death Valley superbloom - and those beautiful, desert wildflowers were exploding with color everywhere I turned! I visited Death Valley during spring of last year and there were tons of flowers, but nothing quite like this. Flowers smothered the surface of the valley and added a whole new essence to the park.

We shot this series of photos when we had first arrived -- when it was raining and the winds were up to 50mph! Oh, and our plan was to camp in our tent -- which ended up being the worst idea (ha!) so we slept in the car! But hey, weather added a sense of mystery to these photos and I love it! Those thick, layered clouds and moody skies created such a nice contrast. Check out what I'm wearing below -- my new favorite outfit for springtime ::)

Photos shot by Darius Twin.