// just like a fairytale //

I have just returned home from a month-long adventure through the Netherlands, Germany and China. It was quite a journey, let me tell you! So much happened and so many memories were created - but this particular memory holds a huge place in my heart. 

It was the most beautiful evening at the Rakotzbrücke bridge in Kromlau, Germany! The air was so still and the skies so clear, creating the most vivid reflection of the bridge on the water. This place was romantic indeed, and the perfect place to spend a sunset with Darius Twin.

This bridge was built in the mid-19th century and when reflected in the water, creates a ring. Due to the history of this charming location, I thought this would be the perfect time to showcase this elegant renaissance gown by Holy Clothing.

Walking on this bridge wasn't so simple, it was actually quite nerve-wracking I must say. It isn't recommended that you do it, so much that they took out a major portion of the entryway, forcing you to basically climb your way onto it. I knew it would be worth the challenge, because the reflection was just too good!

So this is when the night became extremely special. Here I am, thinking all is, well, kind of 'normal.' Darren tells me we are doing a holding hands shot, which we nailed on the first try. But he tells me we didn't, and that we must continue shooting until it's just right!

So there I was standing on that log, waiting until the settings were right, when really he was reaching into his bag to grab a..... ring! He set his camera on a timer, and when he came towards me I was expecting him to grab my hand, but instead he got down on one knee! I was so surprised.

Of course I said yes. He's my companion, my love, my best friend, and everything I ever dreamed of and more. He picked the most magical moment to propose, because there was so much symbolism present at this location - the white dress, and most of all, the bridge's reflection creating a ring. My favorite stone is opal, so here is my vintage opal & diamond ring! ::)

his will be a night I never forget. I can't wait to share more of our imagery from this adventure with you! Stay tuned ::)