// moments in monument valley //

I woke up like this in Monument Valley and still felt like I was dreaming. 

As the sun rises and sets, colors fill the sky and the sandstone buttes throughout the valley are lit with all kinds of magic! I recommend all of you camp at least one of the nights you are here. You can set your tent up right at the iconic viewpoint, and see the most epic sunrise from your sleeping bag!

One of the things I love most about Monument Valley is taking the scenic drive on the dirt road through the valley and checking out all of the incredible sandstone buttes. You'll find yourself always wanting to pull over to check out the views. At the very end of the scenic drive, we found ourselves at this particular location that perfectly faced the direction of where the sun would set. So, of course, we had to see the sun set there! We grabbed our blanket and headed on out to find a cozy spot to relax and soak in the gorgeous view. 

Lately, I just love using the opportunity that any beautiful sunset gives me to add a bit of white to the scene! There's something so ethereal about the vibe it creates in the images we capture. So I chose to add some summer charm - aka that beautiful top & skirt - from Leon Max into the mix.

The wind was cooperating, and all was good in the monument valley neighborhood.

After the sunset, we stayed for some night-time starry skies and then headed back to our campsite to get a few hours of sleep before the sunrise. Well, when we opened our eyes, this is what we saw right from the inside of our tent.

This was the end to our Southewest road trip! We felt all of the love and left feeling inspired.

Photos shot by Darius Twin.