// under the milky way //

Here's Darren and I under a full moon, wrapping up one of our recent road trips. I absolutely love the sky in this image -- while staring up at those stars, I remember wondering to myself what all exists out there in the infinite skies above - it's a strange curiosity that always keeps me thinking! One of these days I hope to see a space ship cross that milky way! ::)

Today, Darren and I embark on another adventure to Death Valley to chase the superbloom! We made it out to Death Valley springtime last year, and the flowers covered the vast desert landscape, flowing with the wind and adding the most vibrant color to the scenery. I can only imaging what the 'suplerbloom' will bring us!

I also can't wait to get home and reveal so many posts I've been working on. Let me just give a little verbal sneak peek. We recently wandered off to Pioneertown to stay at the most badass modern home in the middle of the desert and captured some incredible images. Following that, we went on a road trip to Caddo Lake in an east Texas town called Uncertain. While there we shot some hauntingly beautiful images that are unlike anything we've ever shot before. For now, we must keep creating so we don't miss out on those flowers in Death Valley, but as soon as I return expect loads of new imagery! I hope you are as excited as I am ::) Happy weekend, yall!

Shot by Darius Twin.