// meanwhile, back at the ranch //

Here's the Astro Bandit tour of one of my favorite places to stay in Ojai. I don't really think these pictures do it justice, but it's one of those places you gotta explore for yourself to really feel that peaceful vibe. Some good friends of mine were living on this property, managing the place, until their newly purchased yoga studio took off! Which it did, and now they moved off of the property into their own place. This was our one last stay here, so we made it a good one ^_^ The showers are outdoors and so is the kitchen - and I'm an outdoors kinda girl (as I'm sure you already know) so this was just perfect. The greenery everywhere makes you feel like you are walking through an Ojai jungle, and there is constant creativity just roaming through the air. It's one of those places that you can truly let go and forget about your "real life" for a lil' bit. Not only at this charming house, but at Ojai in general. The people there seem so relaxed and satisfied - which isn't a common thing you'd find in LA that's for sure!

To match those vintage vibes, I put together this boho yet western get up, which paired nicely with some gold accents. All of the pieces I'm wearing are super affordable (linked below), especially the matching set! I also included some similar looks, as well. If you have any getaways coming up, these items will be perfect! 

I'm Big Sur bound tomorrow, so I'm taking a few days away from the blog - but prepare yourself for some forest, cliffside, and ocean photos very very soon! Magic is surely present there!