Colorful Surroundings | Artist's Palette


Here I am, walking amongst nature's painting in Death Valley and taking in the most stunning views of the setting sun. This vibrant, natural-dream is the face of the Black Mountains and is called Artist's Palette. I figured this would be a great time to showcase one of my festival-inspired looks, brought to you by Urban Outfitter's festival shop, because those pastels complimented the look oh-so well!

When it comes to festival wear, I'm all for cute and comfortable - because the majority of my time is spent dancing to my favorite bands, letting loose and feeling the groove! So I just *have* to wear my dancing shoes - aka, my favorite pair of Chuck Taylors to keep up with that momentum. I always try to steer clear of sandals or anything with a  heel, because by the end of the day, my feet will be sore, stepped on, and dirty. No thank you!

There's also nothing better to dance the day and night away in than a nice pair of high-waisted denim shorts (oh, and Urban always has the best selection!) They look so amazing with this 70s inspired halter top, but you can really add any flare you want with them - like a rock n roll tee or a bathing suit top and still look like a babe! 

The last thing I added into the mix is that denim jacket for those late-night shows where the weather starts to get a bit breezy. It's always a good idea to have another layer on you - one that will add another element to your outfit but also keep you warm. Even if you find yourself using it as a seat cushion for most of the day!