Life in the Lighthouse


I cannot believe it has already been four months since we moved into our little lighthouse in the woods. Time sure does fly by when you're having fun - so I'm trying to soak in every moment and document our life here as it soars on by. I've been slowly adding decor and making the house more *us*! There's still many things I have in mind to do, but I am so happy with the progress! I've also been adding more indoor greenery lately, and I love the life it brings into our home. Something to look at and watch progress as they grow each and every day. These big windows work wonders for them! Anyhow, here's a little glimpse into our home topped off with some lacey robe magic from Show Me Your Mumu.


New Year, New Room | Desenio


For a while, I was eyeing my bedroom in hopes that I would soon be home for enough time to do something special with it; to create a space where I wake up inspired at home and not just on the road. Well, recently I teamed up with Desenio to do just that, using amazing Scandanavian art prints and frames. They have so many great options for photography and graphical prints - so I selected a lot of my favorites to arrange together on one MaGiCaL wall. 


I wanted to include a few close ups on how I arranged the prints - I often find that arranging can be the hardest part! I drew out my room first, and sketched where I would place everything. That way, my wall wouldn't have hundreds of holes from switching around the prints!


As you can see above, I was more than excited with the way our room turned out. The vibe is exactly what I was going for - calm and inspiring! I mean, how can you not feel inspired when the first thing you see in the morning is some mountains, sand dunes, and a map of the world?! I guess Darren and our cat help with that inspiration as well ::)

You can find Desenio's entire selection of posters online and they now ship to US, Australia, and Canada! These would make great holiday gifts for all of you last minute shoppers!