When a Fire Starts to Burn | Valley of Fire

Life is full of surprises, you guys. Every single day brings something new and unexpected, and we just kind of have to ride the wave of it all. Every time I travel and create, I am reminded to just go with the flow - to accept change and things not always going my way, and to take advantage of the experience. There is always so much to learn.


Since we are always on the road, jumping from one location to the next to create imagery, we can never really predict what to expect in terms of weather, lighting, where we will shoot, and more until we actually get to the location. Yes, we have our phones to check the weather, but I've found that isn't always the most reliable tool! So this is where the creativity comes in and the inspiration strikes when you're actually surrounded by the environment and current conditions. This is the kind of surprise I face on a day to day basis! 


For this particular shoot in the Valley of Fire, we experienced the most magical conditions to shoot in. Clouds filled the sky right as the sun began to set and we had clear skies all day. I love a nice cloudy sky! Not when there's too much and you're awaiting the pouring rain. I'm talking about those streaks of clouds giving the sun a canvas to paint the skies with color as it sets. The clouds that signal a few gusts of wind to perfectly sweep my dress off the ground and provide movement in each photograph! Those are the surprises I live for!


So here I am, kickin' my feet up in happiness for the unexpectedly perfect shooting conditions! How cute are these shoes by the way? I recently teamed up with Sbicca to create some imagery, and these are the first pair I was lucky enough to capture some images of. I hope you enjoy these images as the fiery skies started to burn with the setting sun!


For those of you wondering what that dream of a dress is - it's from Blackwater by For Love and Lemons and I'm in love! Another example of how I am obsessing over velvet this fall/winter. 


Photos shot by Darius Twin.