where the kids are runnin' free ~

Ariat International suede coat
In My Air two piece set
Kerol D necklace and shoes

If you're like me and have a slight obsession with abandoned places, this water park is something you'll surely have a liking for ~ it covers a lot of ground with a jetsons-like, retro design. This water park was a big hit in the 70s-80s, but faced a major downturn in the years following. It switched ownership in the 90s and became "Rock-A-Hoola," but only lasted 3 years before the water park closed with 3 million in debt. It's been deteriorating ever since the final closure, but growing to become an artist's palette for photo shoots and street art. We brought our skateboards along and skated through the entire park at sunset. It felt pretty badass, not gonna lie.

Blondfire // Where The Kids Are