shipwreck ~


Rosel cropped sweater
Catherine Fulmer skirt
Kerol D boots

This may come as a surprise, but this abandoned ship does exist in Point Reyes just north of San Francisco. Scenic in its entirety, this location was a bundle of joy to shoot in. I decided to add some fuzz & fringe, and create a timeless, cinematic scene. This ship is abandoned, but not forgotten, as tourists continuously visit this location to see it for themselves. I highly recommend a visit!

Modeselektor // Shipwreck (feat. Thom Yorke)

magic city hippie ~

Kerol D pants & shoes
Krisinit top

A "magic city hippie" is how I felt while wearing this get up on the way to the dreamy Big Sur. It's also the name of an album that I can't stop listening to right now from Robby Hunter Band. Anyway, these are probably the coolest pair of pants I've worn in a long time ~ and I definitely let my inner wild-child out during this shoot (and the entire time I wore them).

Robby Hunter Band // Magic City Hippie

nighttiming ~

Kristinit dress
Kerol D shoes
Shot by Darius Twin

Here's another photo that Darren and I shot last week in the vacant gallery space. *Let's paint those walls with light and fill it with rad clothing & music* ~~ basically our motto for the evening.

Coconut Records // Nighttiming (RAC Mix)

a light hanging above me ~

Catherine Fulmer top & skirt
Sara Mulder necklace

Big Sur is where the magic is ~ every sunset is breathtaking and the views are surreal. I always find myself wanting to go back to explore every chance that I get. On our way back from San Francisco this past weekend, we made a pit stop in Big Sur right as the sun decided to set. Luckily, I had this beautiful top & skirt from Catherine Fulmer to match the golden tones and a pair of wings to accentuate the heavenly-vibe that Big Sur creates. Do you ever hear a song that continues to bring you back to a particular memory? Well, "Hold Me Down" by Mansionair always takes me back to Big Sur. The giant redwoods, smell of campfire, and infinite views of the ocean are the perfect visual for the soundtrack.

Mansionair // Hold Me Down

long train runnin' ~

White Crow dress

While driving into Santa Barbara, we crossed these train tracks and noticed the way the golden hour sun was reflecting off of the tracks. Too good to be true ~ we stopped to take a closer look. We always try to plan our road trips in order to arrive right at golden hour so we can shoot through sunset. Luckily, this spot came at the perfect timing.

Doobie Brothers // Long Train Runnin'

the thinker ~

Shot by: Darius Twin
Kiristinit jumper
Kerol D shoes

Night time was the best time for this vacant gallery to be, because we filled it with vivid hues, bright ideas, and enchanting clothing ~ 'twas the perfect canvas for us to create amazing photos with light painting. I really enjoyed this collaboration with Darius Twin and David Dietche, and I look forward to showing you more.

MS MR // Think Of You (RAC Mix)

and so it begins ~

Catherine Fulmer top & bottoms
Kerol D hat

Felt like Ed from Big Fish during this set as I journeyed through this mystical scenery. The sun hit the trees, creating elongated shadows to fill the frame. I made sure not to wear shoes with laces, so my shoes wouldn't get thrown onto a highrope while entering Spectre ;)
Here's a song I can't seem to get enough of...

Daunt // This Body Rushes

till sunrise ~

Joah Brown top
Kerol D snapback

Skating into the night ~ till' the sunrise. I was a dancer for most of my life, but 2 years ago I picked up skateboarding and delighted I did so. That feeling of rebellion is one of a kind :)

Goldroom // Till Sunrise (feat. Mammals)

psychic city ~

Catherine Fulmer sweater & skirt

So often we travel to remote locations, but never get to truly admire the beauty of our own city. Well, last night we decided to take an adventure through downtown and shoot at some of our favorite spots. It's always an exciting journey while strolling through downtown, because you can always discover something new. Well, this time, we discovered this amazing mural done by Thierry Noir and had to stop and shoot.

YACHT // Psychic City (Classixx Remix)

made of gold ~

Chaser Brand top
Kerol D fringe shorts
Gard sunglasses

I took a lil walk on the moon the other day. Okay, not really, but I felt as if I did because of this magical location! We took a pit stop on the way back to LA from Las Vegas, because we saw this spot in the distance and had to see more! It just so happened to be golden hour, and the color scheme was killer ~ so I decided to add some more golden tones.

Chet Faker // Gold

where the kids are runnin' free ~

Ariat International suede coat
In My Air two piece set
Kerol D necklace and shoes

If you're like me and have a slight obsession with abandoned places, this water park is something you'll surely have a liking for ~ it covers a lot of ground with a jetsons-like, retro design. This water park was a big hit in the 70s-80s, but faced a major downturn in the years following. It switched ownership in the 90s and became "Rock-A-Hoola," but only lasted 3 years before the water park closed with 3 million in debt. It's been deteriorating ever since the final closure, but growing to become an artist's palette for photo shoots and street art. We brought our skateboards along and skated through the entire park at sunset. It felt pretty badass, not gonna lie.

Blondfire // Where The Kids Are

when the lilies die ~

Kerol D kimono

I just got back from a little New Years getaway to Big Bear with some friends. We shot this sequence in 9 degree weather, shivering from head to toe ~ but I loved the way this Kerol D kimono looked on that cushiony, 10 inches of snow! I couldn't have ended 2014 a better way than with snow, good friends, cabin jams and champagne. Happy new year, yall :)

IO Echo // When The Lillies Die