// canyonlands //

There's no shortage of views in Canyonlands - everywhere you look there is a vista highlighting the countless canyons throughout the park. I was constantly in awe, as I stared at the ongoing buttes carved by the Colorado River. The canyons were full of so much layer, color, and history - all things that accounted for the park's incredible views. 

I chose to adventure through the park ((for my first time ever!)) wearing one of my new favorite yoga brands Silly Yogi for a cute, but comfortable look while exploring. Also, because I was far too excited about the matching hues with the canyon layers. 

I could have sat there all day. 

As the journey continued, we drove by fields of wildflowers - so vivid and bright - as they were struck by that late afternoon light. Those colors all fit too perfectly together. 

The breeze was just right!

We carried on, passing more scenic views, and found another that we were completely drawn to. So we pulled over and saw....

This view! So you know that feeling when time kinda just... stops? You see something you love, and it's like every single thought, both positive and negative, roaming through your brain just quickly fade out and all attention shifts to the most beautiful thing you've seen in um, as long as you can remember? Yep, that happened here. 

So I sat and made the moment last a little longer with my love Darius Twin.

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