// beautiful escape //

Goblin Valley

Welcome to hoodooville, aka Goblin Valley - land of the most bizarre rock formations out there in Green River, Utah. We arrived right as the landscape was lit with that golden hour sun, and we wondered off into the park, admiring all of the unique hoodoos! 


We definitely got lost a few times throughout our expedition, but that's because our sense of direction was completely throwm off as we wandered aimlessly, ha! It was impossible not to, because every direction we turned was the most mesmerizing view.


The sky graced us with a scenic sunset as we found the best point to view it from. This is the location we chose to set down our blanket, jam some tunes on our speaker, and crack open a brew (or two!). It was a dreamy one!


I felt more than alive. 


And so did that sky.


Goblin Valley was even more extraordinary than I had imagined!

Photos shot by Darius Twin.

// tipi magic //

All of my wild n' crazy tipi dreams came true recently, and I was finally able to check 'sleep in a tipi' off of my bucket list. I recommend you do the same - it's an experience you'll never forget.

This campground is only a few miles from the entrance of Bryce Canyon and has 8 tipis for rent! 

All smiles over here - we will definitely be doing this again!

Check out what I'm wearing from Camp Collection with the links below!

Photos shot by Darius Twin.

// canyonlands //

There's no shortage of views in Canyonlands - everywhere you look there is a vista highlighting the countless canyons throughout the park. I was constantly in awe, as I stared at the ongoing buttes carved by the Colorado River. The canyons were full of so much layer, color, and history - all things that accounted for the park's incredible views. 

I chose to adventure through the park ((for my first time ever!)) wearing one of my new favorite yoga brands Silly Yogi for a cute, but comfortable look while exploring. Also, because I was far too excited about the matching hues with the canyon layers. 

I could have sat there all day. 

As the journey continued, we drove by fields of wildflowers - so vivid and bright - as they were struck by that late afternoon light. Those colors all fit too perfectly together. 

The breeze was just right!

We carried on, passing more scenic views, and found another that we were completely drawn to. So we pulled over and saw....

This view! So you know that feeling when time kinda just... stops? You see something you love, and it's like every single thought, both positive and negative, roaming through your brain just quickly fade out and all attention shifts to the most beautiful thing you've seen in um, as long as you can remember? Yep, that happened here. 

So I sat and made the moment last a little longer with my love Darius Twin.

Check out all of these amazing pieces by Silly Yogi with the links below!

Fire Princess | Valley of Fire


This was the very first photo we shot on our road trip through the Southwest in Valley of Fire. You know, it's funny to think that before a year ago I had never been to this fiery location, but since then we have been 4 times. It's such a special location that we obviously can't seem to get enough of. So here's the magic we created in order to start off the adventure just right.


When you're wearing a gorgeously crocheted white dress such as that, and surrounded by this surreal landscape, it's hard not to feel like a princess. 


So I added some gold details to add to the summer princess vibe! Including that amazing leaf halo.


The light was perfect.


And the warm, evening air in the desert was just right. I just loved the way the golden light reflected off that ring and cuff from Hollister!


I chose this as my song of the day because it was playing over my speaker as we shot some of this series! Fyfe has been a favorite of mine ever since I discovered them many years ago.


The tunes were just right, and so were the colors, so I put my feet in the air and enjoyed every moment! How dreamy are those sandals, by the way?


As the night continued, the colors in the sky kept becoming more vibrant and the clouds began to look like cotton candy!


It was so magical.


So here's day 1 of 7 from our Sothwest Road Trip - stay tuned for day 2! Check out what I'm wearing and my song of the day below! ::)

Photos shot by Darius Twin.

// eye of the arch //

I have finally returned from the most magical road trip I have EVER experienced in my life ((and there's been quite a few!)). The views, the adventures, the people along the way, all made for a journey I will never forget! I am so excited to share the imagery we created, and thought I would start off with my adventure through Arches National Park wearing the most perfect summer get up brought to you by Hollister.

This here is the 'North Window' - but doesn't it look a bit like an eye? So I decided to add an iris, of course.

The rock formations and patterns were so beautiful, and made for the best backdrops to showcase this rad lil' summer ensemble!

That whole collection of arm candy above is under $20 and are my new go-to pieces this summer. Hollister has a great selection of other jewelry pieces as well, but since I'm a sucker for cuffs, I decided to stack them up! You can never wear too many bracelets, right?!

Once we saw all of the arches on the Windows Arch Trail ((South Window pictured above)), it was time to head back to the car to catch the sunset at another location. While walking back, we stumbled upon the most stunning light and had to take in those golden views of Arches ((of course!)).

Arches was even more extraordinary than I had imagined - I recommend that all of you add it to your bucket list! I couldn't have matched those hues any better than with that summer silhouette from Hollister. I can't wait to show you more of what we created, but for now, enjoy your weekend y'all! 

Photos shot by Darius Twin.