// silver haze //

I always find myself yearning to go back to Mono Lake - there's something so special about that strange location, especially during a sunset. The ever-so-still water creates a crystal clear reflection - and it is mesmerizing, I tell you! This time I wanted to match the metallic-like reflections by adding a silver silhouette, so I gathered all things silver and created this funky number. 

These dainty jewels by Jen Leddy were shining bright under that golden hour light. I absolutely love her designs - they add such a nice, delicate touch to any ensemble and are just fun to look at! So when I first laid eyes on that silver dress by Native Rose, I knew the jewelry + dress would be a match made in heaven. And it was ::) Peep what I'm wearing in the links below!

Photos shot by Darius Twin.

// mono-chrome //

Native Rose dress // Teva shoes // Inverness & Crane rings

I just returned from the most amazing journey with my best friend and love, Darius Twin. We spent the week traveling up the 395N for my birthday, stopping at all of our favorite locations, plus stumbling upon a few surprise locations along the way. I am so excited to show you all of the photos from our adventure, but I wanted to start with this series at Mono Lake. I love this place. Anytime we happen to be close by, we always stop to explore it. This time we discovered a hot spring near by! It's forbidden to swim in it - up to 6 months in jail? - but maybe, just maybe I will swim in it one day ^_^ In case you are wondering what those large formations are in the photos above, they are tufa towers - aka limestone. How crazy are those things? Surreal, eh?