// ancient adventure //

How crazy does that tree look in the third photo of this series? That's because this forest is filled with *ancient* bristlecone pines that have lived for up to 5,000 years! They are the oldest living non-clonal organisms in the world. It was a difficult journey out there, since majority of the way is a bumpy, dirt road - which is no good for a Toyota Corolla. Oh, and once we got all the way out there, a big storm came along and nearly made it impossible for us to get back out. It was so worth it, though. I knew this beautiful dress with bell sleeves would work well with the wizardry vibes that the location gave off. And did you see that backpack? I have a huge thing for anything with dream catchers, and I'm always wearing a back pack on these adventures, so this back pack is the perfect. Oh, and if you buy one of Nicole Lee's backpacks right now, you get a free internal organizer with your purchase for their back to school event ^_^

// red sand blue dress //

Tobi dress // Blk Sheep Empire boots // Worlds Apart cuff // Vintage belt

Here is another series of photos that Darius Twin and I shot on our most recent trip. When Tobi sent me this stunning cobalt blue dress, I knew immediately that I wanted to contrast with red accents for a bold look. Once I discovered that this location (one of my favorites!) was on our route, happiness struck because those shades of moody reds were just what I was looking for. My dress was literally glowing, and that made me feel a bit angelic ^_^

// mono-chrome //

Native Rose dress // Teva shoes // Inverness & Crane rings

I just returned from the most amazing journey with my best friend and love, Darius Twin. We spent the week traveling up the 395N for my birthday, stopping at all of our favorite locations, plus stumbling upon a few surprise locations along the way. I am so excited to show you all of the photos from our adventure, but I wanted to start with this series at Mono Lake. I love this place. Anytime we happen to be close by, we always stop to explore it. This time we discovered a hot spring near by! It's forbidden to swim in it - up to 6 months in jail? - but maybe, just maybe I will swim in it one day ^_^ In case you are wondering what those large formations are in the photos above, they are tufa towers - aka limestone. How crazy are those things? Surreal, eh?

// route 66 //

Shot by Darius Twin // Dress by Kristinit

Last week, Darren and I chose to take an evening trip up Route 66 to catch the golden hour, sunset, and of course, those starry skies. Since there are many abandoned locations on Route 66, it carries such a creepy vibe at night. We had to recreate the phantom hitchhiker - and lucky enough, I had this rad dress by Kristinit with me.

// bottle house rock //

Kristinit dress // Sarah Mulder necklace // Satya earrings // vintage bracelet & shoes

What an adventure it was while walking through this dreamy spot - as the golden hour sunlight illuminated the bottles throughout! We took a pit stop here off of Route 66 to shoot, and of course, explore it in it's entirety. There were so many hidden gems here - like that typewriter you see me typing on above. I chose to add a little vintage flare to this shoot, wearing the most beautiful dress by Kristinit.

// coastal breeze //


Girl on a Vine dress // Satya earrings // Inverness & Crane rings // Worlds Apart cuff

Shot by Kelly Lee

If there was a heaven on earth, you'd find it in Big Sur. I can't wait to show you guys more of what Kelly and I created on this lil' road trip we took up the PCH! 

// rolling hills //

Wearing mostly vintage // shot by Isabella Cook

Rolling hills as far as I can see, coated with California poppies & dreamy breezes - sending shivers up my spine! I sure do love divine places such as these, especially enjoyed with good company. My dear friend Isabella shot these photos of me when we went on a spontaneous road trip to the California poppy reserve. Happy Friday! 

// mother of dragons //

Channeling my inner Khaleesi, while taming my dragon in Anza Borrego. This is one of the many amazing sculptures by Ricardo A Breceda that appear throughout Anza Borrego - they are all absolutely stunning pieces of art and definitely worth the scavenger hunt to see them.

// pool party //


Brielle Belle dress // Indosole shoes // Ija necklace // 2020ave sunglasses

We literally had to sneak through a tiny hole in the wall to get into this spot because all of the doors were locked and boarded up -- but I'm glad we did so! I love the colors and lighting in this lil' charm of an abandoned pool. 

Sheats-Goldstein Residence


Tasi Malibu jumpsuit // Shot by Darius Twin

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to be invited by MAK Center on a private tour of the Sheats-Goldstein Residence designed by John Lautner. This iconic location appears in many movies, such as The Big Lebowski & Charlie's Angels. One of my favorite features is the James Turrell exhibit located below the house - accessible by many stunning sets of stairs that guide you through an enchanted forest with an occasional *epic* view of the city. Inside of the exhibit is Turrell's wonderful use of neon lights and portals to showcase the starry skies at night - like, how is this place even real? Other notable favorites (although all was perfection) were his private underground club, the living room facing the pool, and the infinity tennis court. I would love to wake up every morning and take in those views of both the LA skyline and this masterpiece of a house! Hope you enjoyed the Astro tour ^_^

Thank you so much MAK Center for the invite - I'm looking forward to the Mak Games coming up on the 18th! 

// painted skies //

Here I am on the best dance floor I ever did step on, while the sunset paints the sky with the most alluring hues. This was such an incredible moment, you guys! ^_^ And to top it off, I had one of my favorite songs playing in the background (soundcloud link below).

// runaway with the wind //

Honey Sucker Apparel cardigan

Today's post is purely to spread the word about the importance of discovering more about yourself & the world around you. Get out and travel. Take your vacation days. Quit your day job if it's not right for you. Time is WAY too short to waste and you never want to regret not accomplishing your dreams. Take risks and go for whatever it is that makes you the happiest and the best version of yourself. I made some bold & scary moves within these past few years to try and chase this 'world wandering' dream I've had for a while, and I'm so fortunate I did so.  I know I have so much more to accomplish, but I'm doing something that I love with my whole heart, and that gives me the extra push to keep going for it! I'll stop with my lecture ^_^ now go see the world!