After the Rain | Nordstrom


It has been raining so much here in LA the past week and I am absolutely loving it (and so are my plants!). It makes me feel totally okay with just staying home and wearing my pajamas all day. Well I decided to fight that lazy feeling yesterday since the sun decided to come out for a solid hour and I had just received my new package from Nordstrom, eek! I thought I would make the day a bit brighter with a Parisian styled shoot in my backyard. I mean, how green are my succulents looking after that rain?! Oh, and now I'm craving a Paris trip.


If you love this look as much as me, peep the links below! All photos shot by Darius Twin.

Don't Look Down | Jiangxi, China

Here's a look into our adventure through Mount Longhu in Jiangxi, China!


// the sunset told me wear to pink //

The sunset called and told me to wear pink at the top of the Topanga Overlook...

So I grabbed my favorite get up from Nordstrom (by Topshop) and headed on up. 

The moon was big and bright, and the sky kept changing hues as the sun sank behind the mountains!

And, oh my, was the sunset right! The hues were absolutely stunning and matched my outfit perfectly.

This outfit was so fun to shoot! Not only because it paired perfectly with the sunset, but because I just love the modern, yet rock and roll vibe to it all. I will definitely be wearing this to the next concert I check out ::) Peep the links to what I'm wearing below and don't forget to listen to the song of the day -- I have it on repeat lately!

Photos shot by Darius Twin.