// walk the line //

Here's another set from our journey through Sedona ~ I've decided that later in life I'd love to retire in this magical little town ^_^ There's so much to explore here. I wish we had a few more days to check it all out, but that just means I gotta return soon! At this given moment, we were driving on that scenic road and both of us happened to check our rear-view mirrors at the same time and said 'we gotta stop'. It appeared as if the road was headed straight for those beautiful red canyon walls. Don't worry, we looked both ways when we were shooting on the road.

// hey there sedona //

Oh my, oh my -- Sedona is b e a u t i f u l and the vibe of the town is just perfect. One of Sedona's most treasured features are the vortexes throughout the area. These vortexes are 'spiritual powerful centers' that 'produce some of the most remarkable energy on the planet.' Sure it may be a New Age belief, but I coulda sworn I felt that energy while taking in those red-rock butte views and I carried that energy along with me while traveling to the Grand Canyon ^_^ I chose to match those red hues with red details in the skirt pictured above, paired with all black. I must say, this was the perfect desert get up! Oh, and below is one of my favorite tracks by Houndmouth called Sedona. Hope you guys had an adventurous weekend!