Step Into the Light


Follow me as I chase the sunset in this series 'Step Into The Light' brought to you by Madison James. They have such a stunning collection of formal wear that will leave you feeling like a princess ~ enjoy!


// by the creek //

I recently hopped on a plane with Darren and adventured through Colorado for a week. We started out in Denver, then visited Boulder, and ended with a few days in Estes Park. Each time I visit Denver, I just want to pack my bags and move there! This particular shoot was during one of our drives through the ever-so-beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park.


Our first stop was at this scenic creek overlooking a meadow with a mountainous backdrop! So there I am, taking in those incredible views of the Rocky Mountains while wearing my new favorite matching top & bottoms by Minkpink. I've noticed that my color of the summer is mustard yellow - I just love the vintage appeal it has.

AstroBandit MinkPink4

Right before this next shot, my sunglasses fell in the water, so I had to get in and fetch them. The water felt amazing! The weather at the Rocky Mountains during summer is PERFECT, because it's in the 70s during the day and doesn't really go below the 50s at night. This makes it so nice while exploring during all hours of the day - because last time we visited we froze! ::)


I can't wait to share more of our imagery from our adventure through Colorado! In the meantime, catch some sneak peeks on my Instagram. I'll be sharing more of my favorite summer looks and interesting locations you should visit on your next trip to Colorado.

// sunset reflection //

Goblin Valley

Welcome to hoodooville, aka Goblin Valley - land of the most bizarre rock formations out there in Green River, Utah. We arrived right as the landscape was lit with that golden hour sun, and we wondered off into the park, admiring all of the unique hoodoos! 


We definitely got lost a few times throughout our expedition, but that's because our sense of direction was completely throwm off as we wandered aimlessly, ha! It was impossible not to, because every direction we turned was the most mesmerizing view.


The sky graced us with a scenic sunset as we found the best point to view it from. This is the location we chose to set down our blanket, jam some tunes on our speaker, and crack open a brew (or two!). It was a dreamy one!


I felt more than alive. 


And so did that sky.


Goblin Valley was even more extraordinary than I had imagined!

Photos shot by Darius Twin.

Superbloom in Death Valley


We finally did what we absolutely had to do - chase the Death Valley superbloom - and those beautiful, desert wildflowers were exploding with color everywhere I turned! I visited Death Valley during spring of last year and there were tons of flowers, but nothing quite like this. Flowers smothered the surface of the valley and added a whole new essence to the park.

We shot this series of photos when we had first arrived -- when it was raining and the winds were up to 50mph! Oh, and our plan was to camp in our tent -- which ended up being the worst idea (ha!) so we slept in the car! But hey, weather added a sense of mystery to these photos and I love it! Those thick, layered clouds and moody skies created such a nice contrast. Check out what I'm wearing below -- my new favorite outfit for springtime ::)

Photos shot by Darius Twin.

// frosted //

A little PSA on this post: plan your adventures ahead of time and check the weather! HA! In our efforts to see Goblin Valley and Canyonlands this past weekend, we happened to drive through a blizzard in Utah, and the conditions were so scary that we had to turn around so we wouldn't be stuck there. I guess that's what we get for doing very little research before our trip. But hey, I didn't mind it while we weren't driving (because that drive was scary!) We pulled over and enjoyed something we never see in Southern California -- SNOW, yet alone WEATHER. The scenery just blew my mind with all of its beauty -- white everywhere plus subtle hints of mountains made of vibrant red, orange, and brown hues peeking through the snow.

So when life gives you snow, you add a touch of red - like that stunning dress from Leon Max that I can't stop wearing lately. Oh, and to truly add to that Ice Queen vibe, I added some jewelry (aka. works of art!) by Sarah Perlis into the mix. 

Stay tuned for more posts from this trip (when we weren't in a blizzard!)

Photos shot by Darius Twin.

// gateway to heaven //

Southwestern Wanderers

'Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road' says Jack Kerouac, and I raise my glass to that.


There are people like me who find themselves by wandering. By welcoming a world of their own with each and every step they take, without limits or boundaries; because by wandering, they are experiencing, discovering, and understanding themselves and the world around them better. They are free spirits. They live to love and love to live in peace and in liberation.

I recently returned from a long road trip through the Southwest, passing through California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico. That's 6 states in the span of a little more than a week! So, I've decided to put together a little recap so you can feel like you were right there with me.


Here I am enjoying a glass of Liberated's Sonoma County Sauvignon Blanc at Zion National Park in Utah after a long day of travel. We stayed here for golden hour, the sunset, and even the starry night sky, because 'half the park is after dark.' What a bright moment, just look at those stars!


Before our Zion travels, we stopped by the Valley of Fire for a night. Those vibrant red sandstone formations are all over the park - each unique in their own way. This one looked like cheese ^_^


Here I am drooling over fall in Zion - we never see leaves change to vibrant yellow and orange hues in Southern California (since there doesn't seem to be seasons here). 


Before leaving Zion, we stopped to defy gravity for a little bit. Look at those textures!


Now it's on to the next location: Page AZ - where we will see both Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon. Let's just say many hours of listening to really good music and non-stop staring outside the window, wondering how something could be so beautiful.


Well, we made it to our next destination: Horseshoe Bend. And to celebrate, we had a glass of Liberated. 


While, of course, taking in those stunning views. 


It was pretty much a dream.


The next morning, we stopped by Antelope Canyon to see the location we had been curious about for a while. Let's just say it was like walking through a maze of sandstone art. You can only access it by tour, but luckily they give you a lot of time to take photos!


Next up on the itinerary: Monument Valley in Utah. Here I am trying to blend in with the environment. Don't those formations look like hands?! 


Here I am reliving my favorite old westerns by John Ford. Yes, that is me on the horse!


Well, now that we've seen Monument Valley, it's time to move onto our next (and final!) destination: White Sands. But first, let's stop here because the golden hour light looks so dreamy!


And, let's stay for the sun to set because look at how big that moon is!


Well, we finally made it to the last location on the list - a place I have been dying to see for as long as I can remember in a small little town called Alamogordo, New Mexico. 


Nothing but pure joy. White Sands, you are one majestic beauty.


One final glass of Liberated to end the trip the right way.


Which left me dancing and feeling alive!


And in love.


'Peace, love, and liberation' -- three words that perfectly describe my life on the road, traveling throughout the Southwest where some of the most beautiful locations in the world exist. Thank you, Liberated, for the journey and for your crisp tasting Sonoma County Sauvignon Blanc.

// hey there sedona //

Oh my, oh my -- Sedona is b e a u t i f u l and the vibe of the town is just perfect. One of Sedona's most treasured features are the vortexes throughout the area. These vortexes are 'spiritual powerful centers' that 'produce some of the most remarkable energy on the planet.' Sure it may be a New Age belief, but I coulda sworn I felt that energy while taking in those red-rock butte views and I carried that energy along with me while traveling to the Grand Canyon ^_^ I chose to match those red hues with red details in the skirt pictured above, paired with all black. I must say, this was the perfect desert get up! Oh, and below is one of my favorite tracks by Houndmouth called Sedona. Hope you guys had an adventurous weekend!

// wonder of the world //

So.. I fell off the face of the bloggin' earth a little bit this past week.. but it was for good reason ^_^ I spent the week traveling through Sedona and the Grand Canyon with my parents and Darren. I've been to AZ many times in my life because a lot of my family lives there, but I've never really explored the state and all of its many exciting locations. I visited the Grand Canyon many many moons ago, when I was about 4, so I gotta say that doesn't really count. I definitely didn't remember that mesmerized feeling you get while staring into the (what appears to be) infinite layers of canyon. We saw the canyon at many different hours of the day - a few times when it was raining (those clouds looked crazy!), during a sunny afternoon, and - of course - my favorite, sunset. I now know why they call this place a 'wonder of the world' - I was surely left wonderin' ^_^

from home ~

Kerol D dress

I feel like so many of you guys see me traveling around this crazy beautiful world, but never get to see the place I like to call home. Well here I am, hanging in my living room, wearing the most lovely dress from Kerol D. The record player I'm listening to is a hand me down from my mom, and I'm playing my favorite vinyl of all time: Past is Prologue by Tycho. In this shoot, we were really trying to create a cinematic scene, and the only way to truly add to that is to listen to that Tycho album yourself while looking through these photos. Many of my friends say my house is straight out of a 70s flick, and I'd like to agree. If I could pick any decade to live through (that I already haven't), I would choose the 70s hands down.

Tycho // From Home