// cherry on top //

I gotta say, these summer days surely do bring heat, but when you make way to the top of a mountain for golden hour light, the temperature and breeze are just perfect. For those of you who live in LA -- make a journey up the Angeles crest to Mt. Wilson. It's so close and so rewarding! The views just keep on getting better. I recommend starting the drive right at the beginning of golden hour (an hour before the sun sets). That way, by the time you're at the top of Mt. Wilson, you'll arrive just in time for the colorful sunset.

For this drive, I decided to go with that amazing, matching set by Dezzal. I have been finding myself wearing white a lot lately, and I love it, so when I saw this get up on their online shop, I knew it would be perfect for the warm summer days to come! I just love the vintage vibe of it too. My sunnies and watch are from Triwa - my new favorite online destination for both eyewear and watches. I just love the minimal aesthetic. Both of the pieces I selected pretty much go with my entire wardrobe!

Photos shot by Darius Twin.