// golden coast //

This series of photos is from one of our recent adventures up to Big Sur for a few days! On the way up, I stopped by my favorite boutique Blackwater in San Luis Obispo and picked up the magic you see me wearing in these images. I couldn't wait to wear those black & white face gems with that beautiful golden dress - the way those gems matched the embroidered detailing on the sleeves was just too good to be true.

During our golden hour drive up and down the coast of Big Sur, we passed by fields of yellow flowers lining the coast - I mean hello, COLORS! Just what I needed for that golden get up ::) This is the perfect time to go to Big Sur if you have it on your list - escape the heat, and enjoy that cool breeze, coastal drive, and forest life! It's magical up there I tell you. Check the links for what I'm wearing below!

Photos shot by Darius Twin.