Cracked Earth | Death Valley


Darren and I have been traveling and creating so much these last few months - so much that I'm literally sitting on thousands of epic photographs just waiting to see the light of day. Well, I am home for now, and (finally!) have a night to sit down, edit, and share some new imagery that we've been working on. I'm going to be releasing a lot this week - so keep your eyes peeled and the bandit on your minds ::) 

First, I wanted to start off with this shoot we did for Silhouette and Modcloth. Although we've been to Death Valley about ten times (no joke!), this particular visit was very special to us. We focused on exploring the unseen and pushing the limits in terms of using texture and color.


I couldn't keep my eyes off of the ground - I mean how amazing are those mudcracks and red velvet heels?


And that golden light on my coat was makin' me feel like a desert angel!


I went ahead and used those amazing textures and colors to show off my favorite sunnies from Silhouette. They've been my go-to shades so far this fall and seem to work with every color palette I've been swooning over!