Playing with Shape and Color


Darren has been working on a new light painting tool and we decided to test it out over the weekend on a very cold night! Some of the light you see in these images is also coming from our wood stove which was burning all night long, while we drank wine, listened to music and created some fun imagery focused on shape and color.


Cracked Earth | Death Valley


Darren and I have been traveling and creating so much these last few months - so much that I'm literally sitting on thousands of epic photographs just waiting to see the light of day. Well, I am home for now, and (finally!) have a night to sit down, edit, and share some new imagery that we've been working on. I'm going to be releasing a lot this week - so keep your eyes peeled and the bandit on your minds ::) 

First, I wanted to start off with this shoot we did for Silhouette and Modcloth. Although we've been to Death Valley about ten times (no joke!), this particular visit was very special to us. We focused on exploring the unseen and pushing the limits in terms of using texture and color.


I couldn't keep my eyes off of the ground - I mean how amazing are those mudcracks and red velvet heels?


And that golden light on my coat was makin' me feel like a desert angel!


I went ahead and used those amazing textures and colors to show off my favorite sunnies from Silhouette. They've been my go-to shades so far this fall and seem to work with every color palette I've been swooning over! 


Come Fly with Me | Badwater Basin


Happy Friday, everyone! I'm flying away (not really - just hopping in a off-roading vehicle) to a secret & amazing location that we will be shooting at for the next few days. Stay tuned and watch my Instagram stories to get a little sneak peek of the fun!

I shared this image last week on my Instagram, but I really wanted you guys to see the full image - I love it so. This is another photo from our angel series - now we can add Death Valley to the list. Thank you Darren for always giving me wings! 

Shot by Darius Twin, of course.

Sunrise on the Dunes | Mesquite Sand Dunes

I woke up at 4:00am in Death Valley to see the sunrise over the Mesquite Sand Dunes, and it was all kinds of magic.


The vibrant color that filled the sky, the stillness throughout the desert, and the brisk, morning air all helped in providing that magic on these dreamy dunes. So, we decided to go on an expedition to find the *untouched* sand - and, sure enough, we found just what we were looking for!


'May every sunrise hold more promise, and every sunset hold more peace'


Seeing the sunrise from an enchanting location such as this always wakes me up inside. To have the ability to start off my day with something so fascinating, really sets a tone for the day. A tone of possibility, eagerness, and drive - like, yes, I can do anything in the world! ::)

I hope this post inspires you to see the sunrise from somewhere new! I'm going to end with a song I feel is perfect for this message, as it opens with the following lyric: 'We've got nothing but time, to do what we like, so let's live before we die.' Keep livin' y'all!

Photos shot by Darius Twin.


Under the Milky Way | Zzyzx Rd


Here's Darren and I under a full moon, wrapping up one of our road trips through the desert. I absolutely love the sky in this image. While staring up at those stars, I remember wondering to myself what all exists out there in the infinite skies above - it's a strange curiosity that always keeps me thinking! You can find this beautiful location off of a strange exit onto Zzyzx Rd in the Mojave Desert near Las Vegas.