// it's only water //

Shot by Mike Dempsey

I went on an adventure to the LA river to shoot this image with Mike! ^_^ This image took 2 days to shoot because the first day I actually fell in the river instead of gracefully defying gravity like I appear to be doing! Instead of waiting for my hair and clothes to dry (which would take forever), we decided to call it a day and drink some cider at Mike's nearby studio. We tried to create this image again on the following day, and we managed to get the exact shot we were looking for without me falling in the river - phew. If at first you don't succeed, try again!! This is one of my favorite images that Mike and I have shot together and it was well worth the time we put into it. 

On another note, Darren and I will be headed out on a new photo adventure starting tomorrow. Like always, I won't be revealing the location - but I look forward to showing you guys what we create along the way. Expect to see new content in a week or so!