// it's only water //

Shot by Mike Dempsey

I went on an adventure to the LA river to shoot this image with Mike! ^_^ This image took 2 days to shoot because the first day I actually fell in the river instead of gracefully defying gravity like I appear to be doing! Instead of waiting for my hair and clothes to dry (which would take forever), we decided to call it a day and drink some cider at Mike's nearby studio. We tried to create this image again on the following day, and we managed to get the exact shot we were looking for without me falling in the river - phew. If at first you don't succeed, try again!! This is one of my favorite images that Mike and I have shot together and it was well worth the time we put into it. 

On another note, Darren and I will be headed out on a new photo adventure starting tomorrow. Like always, I won't be revealing the location - but I look forward to showing you guys what we create along the way. Expect to see new content in a week or so!

// california western //

All aboard the California Western! Darren and I had so much fun creating these photos, even though it struck 102 degrees outside right in the middle of the shoot. So surely, hidden behind that smile, there was a slight fear of me melting like the wicked witch of the east. I moved to California from Texas expecting the best weather - so this whole global warming thing needs to chill out (ha!). I hope everyone is enjoying their week thus far, and is able to get back into the swing of things after that long and joyous 3-day weekend! Keep it cool, yall ^_^ fallsacomin!

Sheats-Goldstein Residence


Tasi Malibu jumpsuit // Shot by Darius Twin

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to be invited by MAK Center on a private tour of the Sheats-Goldstein Residence designed by John Lautner. This iconic location appears in many movies, such as The Big Lebowski & Charlie's Angels. One of my favorite features is the James Turrell exhibit located below the house - accessible by many stunning sets of stairs that guide you through an enchanted forest with an occasional *epic* view of the city. Inside of the exhibit is Turrell's wonderful use of neon lights and portals to showcase the starry skies at night - like, how is this place even real? Other notable favorites (although all was perfection) were his private underground club, the living room facing the pool, and the infinity tennis court. I would love to wake up every morning and take in those views of both the LA skyline and this masterpiece of a house! Hope you enjoyed the Astro tour ^_^

Thank you so much MAK Center for the invite - I'm looking forward to the Mak Games coming up on the 18th! 

// stone cold bandit //

Indosole shoes // Levis jeans // Pippa Lynn top

This week has been crazy busy for me, so it was nice to get out yesterday and hike the arroyo seco trail and go for a skate. If I don't feel like I'm experiencing some sort of adventure, I start to go a little loco ^_^ This skate sesh, however, was just a tease for what's to come this weekend -- Darren and I are headed out for another road trip adventure. Where? Well, I can't ruin the surprise now can I? I'm bringing these new shoes from Indosole with me - the soles are made with repurposed tires. Not only do they look super cute on, but they are eco-friendly and I love that.

// moonage daydream //

Valley City jacket
Brielle Belle moon necklace
Sarah Mulder quartz necklace
YRU shoes

Darren and I went on a little adventure around our neighborhood yesterday to shoot before he headed out on a plane today to Columbia, MO to light paint at a festival. This bridge crosses over the LA river, and is not only architecturally interesting, but also has an assortment of randomly placed, and delightfully colorful, locks. I figured since the jacket is so bold & vibrant, I'd pair it with a small color pop in the backdrop. I chose to style it with all black, a hint of gold, and let the jacket do it's thing. 

psychic city ~

Catherine Fulmer sweater & skirt

So often we travel to remote locations, but never get to truly admire the beauty of our own city. Well, last night we decided to take an adventure through downtown and shoot at some of our favorite spots. It's always an exciting journey while strolling through downtown, because you can always discover something new. Well, this time, we discovered this amazing mural done by Thierry Noir and had to stop and shoot.

YACHT // Psychic City (Classixx Remix)