// i'd rather be in joshua tree //

Electric West tee // Living Royal cactus socks // Jay Nicole necklace
Inverness and Crane rings // Kerol D shorts // Ariat boots // Worlds Apart cuff

I guess you can say I'm a desert dreamer... and one of the places I often dream about is Joshua Tree. How can I not, when this Dr. Seuss-like paradise is only a few hours away from LA? I do visit JTree often, but to me it's the perfect escape from the real world ~ entering the fictional land of quirky trees, sunlight, and insanely-cool rock formations. I guess you can say it's a cross between a Dr. Seuss book & the Flinstones. This tee from Electric West is perfect for those in that desert daze, who want to carry a piece of Joshua Tree with them at all times. Now it's time to plan a trip over there ^_*