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Shot by Mike Dempsey

Yesterday, I went on a lil' day adventure to the Salton Sea with Mike & Darren to collab on some photos. I love the way the magical, reflected sunset is juxtaposed with the smelly, salty, rugged and decayed sea. We tore up & dirtied this dress I found at an estate sale for these photos ~ partially because of post-Mad Max inspiration and also because every time I visit this spot I feel like I'm living in a post-apocalyptic world. I can't wait to show you guys more of what we created. ^_^

This song has been on every one of my playlists for the past year. It goes well with a sunset or starry night.

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Girls On Film dress // Ija necklace // Inverness and Crane rings // Satya earrings 

On the way back to LA from San Diego, we decided to stop at this popular location - Potato Chip Rock. While I may seem at peace in that first photograph, I was a bit shaken up inside. In order to get to Potato Chip Rock, you have to hike 7 miles with extreme elevation, and then you'll come upon a 20-30 minute line of people waiting to shoot a photo on the "chip." I would have thought that the sketchy jump from the base rock onto the "chip" would have scared most people off, but man there were some bold folks up there. It looked like the rock could break at any given moment. The view was so worth it, though. 

// american girl //

Shot by Darius Twin

Thank you to all of the men and woman who dedicated their lives to the protection of our country and our country's people. Your brave & determined souls are forever loved and missed by us all. 

Darren and I shot this photo a few years back on the way home from our road trip to Portland, OR. 

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Barbara C Pellegrino necklace // Vintage jacket & skirt
Photos shot by Kelly Lee

Every now and then, you gotta wake up early and take in the views of a good ol' sunrise... especially in the desert. I don't think there's a better way to start the day. Not even a nice cup of joe can beat that feeling, because a sunrise is a natural energy booster and a reminder of the important things in life. Kellee and I surely got the best start of the day in the photos above ~ and I felt more inspired than ever while creating these images & collaborating with an amazing artist such as her! Hopefully they make you feel inspired too.

// all eyes on blue //

Crazy Fucking Mary necklace

Not sure if you guys remember me lusting over Joshua Tree in one of my recent posts & experiencing the urge to get back there again to shoot & explore ~ well I was able to get myself out there again. Oh, and I happened to go two separate times in the past week... I guess you can say that I can't get enough Joshua Tree. While Darren and I were adventuring through the park, collaborating & creating like we always do, we decided to go to a few thrift stores to pick up some props. The mirror pictured above is one that we happened to find -- ideas started brewing & we began making the magic above.

This new hot chip track is fire... 
Hot Chip // Love Is The Future

// pink matter //

In All Honesty sweatshirt // Crazy Fucking Mary necklace // Girl on a Vine shawl // Levis jeans // Ariat boots

I find so much beauty in abandoned places, the mystery of the location's history that is sometimes forgotten, the imagination of how it used to appear, and the way it has decayed as time has passed. This location, in particular, has remained elegant even through deterioration ~ that amazing pink, the windows, and the structure are incredibly picturesque. 

I did a little styling trick here -- I'm actually wearing men's jeans. I find myself wearing boyfriend jeans more than ever these days, and thought - why not just buy a pair of men's jeans? It was a bold move, but I love the way they fit.

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// divine thing //

Shot by: Darius Twin

Spent the past few days CrEaTiNg & DrEaMiNg in Joshua Tree & Anza Borrego with my partner in crime and love, Darius Twin. The photo above was shot at Arch Rock in Joshua Tree, and it happened to be high winds and 40 degrees outside. I was shivering from head to toe, but luckily enough, I was able to hold still for long enough to create this photo! If only I could keep my light wings on all of the time ^_^

// astro bandit's castle (i wish) //

Sarah Mulder necklace // Ariat boots // Vintage top & skirt

William Hearst was one lucky man to own a piece of property such as this ~ and in one of my favorite locations of all time, Big Sur. I can only imagine what the life would be like to be one of his guests visiting for the weekend, taking in those refreshing coastal views, enjoying top of the line meals, and mingling with the celebrities & socialites of that time. While visiting, I found Gatsby to be a great comparison, since it seems as though Hearst really only built the castle to entertain guests. For those who haven't seen the castle in person, I do recommend a visit. The detail in the castle's architecture is astounding and breathtaking. If I only I could swim in that indoor (or outdoor) pool... ^_* one day.

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// i'd rather be in joshua tree //

Electric West tee // Living Royal cactus socks // Jay Nicole necklace
Inverness and Crane rings // Kerol D shorts // Ariat boots // Worlds Apart cuff

I guess you can say I'm a desert dreamer... and one of the places I often dream about is Joshua Tree. How can I not, when this Dr. Seuss-like paradise is only a few hours away from LA? I do visit JTree often, but to me it's the perfect escape from the real world ~ entering the fictional land of quirky trees, sunlight, and insanely-cool rock formations. I guess you can say it's a cross between a Dr. Seuss book & the Flinstones. This tee from Electric West is perfect for those in that desert daze, who want to carry a piece of Joshua Tree with them at all times. Now it's time to plan a trip over there ^_*