// mountaintop //

Are you guys still looking for that perfect piece of crochet heaven for summer? Well, look no further, I have found something that will change your lives on a warm & sunny day. 

That piece of heaven is this crochet playsuit by Lipsy, in which I wore on our adventure up to the top of Mt. Pinos while prancing around those beautiful flowers.

We were really trying to play with dimension in these images to both showcase the detailing of the playsuit and also the dreamy flowers that filled the meadow. 

The conditions were perfect. So, If you're looking for a nice hike, and don't want to go to far from LA, I recommend visiting this spot. We've been many times, but I've never seen those flowers until now!

This is what it looks like when you get to the top of the mountain - the best views (especially when you arrive at golden hour)! All of the mountainous layers were lit just right.

I cannot even tell you how comfortable this playsuit is - I could live in it all day every day.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weeks so far! I have been traveling a ton (as I'm sure you guys figured!). Next week I am headed to Denver to see one of my best friends get married and to also check out the beautiful Colorado scenery. As of now we have Hanging Lake, the Great Sand Dunes, and the Rocky Mountains on our to do list - let me know if there are any other must sees! 

Photos shot by Darius Twin, of course!