A Light in the Attic | Zombie Hospital


Berlin has some crazy abandoned locations throughout the entire city, but one that stuck out to me the most was this abandoned children's hospital that they call the 'zombie hospital'. What a spooky spot, you guys! Every noise I heard had me a little freaked out! There was also something special about the location - like the soft light shining through the broken windows, the exposed structure, and the graffiti throughout the entire building leaving a bit of a mysteriously haunted appeal. What a neat place! We found this location through our friend who also recommended that we check out a site called Abandoned Berlin. You'll find all sorts of interesting locations there to see while in Berlin. Follow along as I guide you through this abandoned children's hospital!


All photos shot by Darius Twin.

Above Berlin | Teufelsberg


Here I am, walking on what looks like a set for a sci-fi film, but really a historic site turned art installation in Berlin, Germany. Atop Teufelsberg, a man-made hill of rubble covering an under-construction nazi military college, lies this NSA listening station from the Cold War. Due to this location's history, views, and murals covering the towers, we knew we had to add it to our list of places to see in Berlin.


Once we made it to the top, we turned on our speaker and listened to my current playlist. Everything sounded so insanely good inside of those domes - and with great company, views, and jams comes much creativity! So we created, and this is what we made as the sky gave us so much mood and color. 


Oh, and if you're wondering what that rad lil' get up I'm wearing is, it's from SWF Boutique. I just loved the way it looked at this location.


The sky turned into fire that evening, and we had a 360 degree view to see it all! Luck struck hard that night, because every other day we were in Berlin, the skies were coated with the thickest clouds. Thank you, thank you for bringing the magic! If any of my readers have a trip planned to Berlin anytime soon, go to this location. It's the best view of the city you'll find and has no shortage of interesting sights. 

Just Like a Fairytale | The Proposal

I have just returned home from a month-long adventure through the Netherlands, Germany and China. It was quite a journey, let me tell you! So much happened and so many memories were created - but this particular memory holds a huge place in my heart. 


It was the most beautiful evening at the Rakotzbrücke bridge in Kromlau, Germany! The air was so still and the skies so clear, creating the most vivid reflection of the bridge on the water. This place was romantic indeed, and the perfect place to spend a sunset with Darius Twin.


This bridge was built in the mid-19th century and when reflected in the water, creates a ring.


So this is when the night became extremely special. Here I am, thinking all is, well, kind of 'normal.' Darren tells me we are doing a holding hands shot, which we nailed on the first try. But he tells me we didn't, and that we must continue shooting until it's just right!


So there I was standing on that log, waiting until the settings were right, when really he was reaching into his bag to grab a..... ring! He set his camera on a timer, and when he came towards me I was expecting him to grab my hand, but instead he got down on one knee! I was so surprised.


Of course I said yes. He's my companion, my love, my best friend, and everything I ever dreamed of and more. He picked the most magical moment to propose, because there was so much symbolism present at this location - the white dress, and most of all, the bridge's reflection creating a ring. My favorite stone is opal, so here is my vintage opal & diamond ring!


This will be a night I never forget.