// wonder of the world //

So.. I fell off the face of the bloggin' earth a little bit this past week.. but it was for good reason ^_^ I spent the week traveling through Sedona and the Grand Canyon with my parents and Darren. I've been to AZ many times in my life because a lot of my family lives there, but I've never really explored the state and all of its many exciting locations. I visited the Grand Canyon many many moons ago, when I was about 4, so I gotta say that doesn't really count. I definitely didn't remember that mesmerized feeling you get while staring into the (what appears to be) infinite layers of canyon. We saw the canyon at many different hours of the day - a few times when it was raining (those clouds looked crazy!), during a sunny afternoon, and - of course - my favorite, sunset. I now know why they call this place a 'wonder of the world' - I was surely left wonderin' ^_^