Valley of Fire Diary

Here's my photo diary, some 35mm snaps and some of Darren's, from our sunny-day in the Valley of Fire! 


This amazing tee from Re-Vice reads 'burn the bras' -- there's no better place to wear it than in the Valley of FIRE, with of course, their perfectly crafted denim. 


Can you tell I am really loving the colors going on here? Just look at those tones -- the petal pink compliments the burnt orange hues with such a vibrant and desirable contrast. Plus, look at those rocks glowing amongst the vibrant blue skies. So I'll do what I always do, grab my camera and snap away.


I'm also really feeling those 70s vibes (as you can see!) 


Now I'm going to feel the wind, while showing off my new watch by Cluse and ring by Sarah Perlis


And again, the scenery had me snapping away!


Here's another moment when I was really feeling the petal pink, rose gold, and denim on those rocks.


There's never a bad moment here at the Valley of Fire. I mentioned this in one of my recent posts, but it's only a 45 minute drive from Las Vegas. Yeah, you gotta go!