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homestead modern 1
homestead modern 2

You can never wear too much white - especially when you pair it with this modern home full of contrast and texture in Pioneertown. (to see more images of this stunning location, check my other blog posts here and here!)

As you can see from the many shoots that we did during our stay, this house inspired a lot of creativity. I knew that amongst the many looks we'd shoot, I'd need a minimal, chic look to accentuate those modern details. And, vuala, Leon Max came to the rescue with this jaw dropping look from their Spring / Summer '16 collection.  You guys need to check out more of their new collection as well, I'm pretty much head over heels for it!

The moment I stepped foot in this get-up, I immediately felt like a complete and total badass (excuse my lango, but I did!). I'm so used to modeling with flowy movements, and really allowing my dance background to shine in my shots, but for this particular shoot I wanted to focus on sharp lines that I could create with my body to compliment the lines of the house. I'm really happy with the turn out! It was definitely a challenge for me to step out of my modeling comfort zone and try something new.

On another note, I'm excited to announce that we are about to embark on another Southwest road trip covering many locations that we have never been before! I won't be revealing any more details (it has to be a surprise!) but I will tell you that we have many ideas brewing and can promise some stellar imagery to come! It may be a bit silent here on the blog, but as soon as I'm back, there will lots of new imagery for you to see! YAY! 

Photos shot by Darius Twin.