// white out //

homestead modern 1
homestead modern 2

You can never wear too much white - especially when you pair it with this modern home full of contrast and texture in Pioneertown. (to see more images of this stunning location, check my other blog posts here and here!)

As you can see from the many shoots that we did during our stay, this house inspired a lot of creativity. I knew that amongst the many looks we'd shoot, I'd need a minimal, chic look to accentuate those modern details. And, vuala, Leon Max came to the rescue with this jaw dropping look from their Spring / Summer '16 collection.  You guys need to check out more of their new collection as well, I'm pretty much head over heels for it!

The moment I stepped foot in this get-up, I immediately felt like a complete and total badass (excuse my lango, but I did!). I'm so used to modeling with flowy movements, and really allowing my dance background to shine in my shots, but for this particular shoot I wanted to focus on sharp lines that I could create with my body to compliment the lines of the house. I'm really happy with the turn out! It was definitely a challenge for me to step out of my modeling comfort zone and try something new.

On another note, I'm excited to announce that we are about to embark on another Southwest road trip covering many locations that we have never been before! I won't be revealing any more details (it has to be a surprise!) but I will tell you that we have many ideas brewing and can promise some stellar imagery to come! It may be a bit silent here on the blog, but as soon as I'm back, there will lots of new imagery for you to see! YAY! 

Photos shot by Darius Twin.

// los vientos hideaway //

Are you looking to get away anytime soon? To find that remote, dreamy location to leave all your worries behind and soak up some alone time with you and your loved ones? Well, I have found the perfect location to do just that - and it comes with one of the best views out there. Welcome to Los Vientos Hideaway, y'all!

I gotta say, I don't think I've ever stayed in a house with a more breathtaking view than this charming location! At all hours of the day, sitting on that couch and looking out at those canyons was such a refreshing experience that I'll never forget. So when you take that view and add a little Mister Zimi and Eliza Designs LA in the mix, you can do no wrong. I think that golden hour light shining through the windows helped a bit too, huh? ::)

We all need a little break from reality every now and then to remind ourselves of what's important in life - and what's a better way to do that than to surround yourself with 360 degree views of Pipe's Canyon? I highly recommend this location to all of you adventurers! I never wanted to leave. 

First image by Kelly Lee Barrett // Other images by Darius Twin

// rustic magic //

In the heart of Pipes Canyon in Pioneertown, lie these magically rustic ruins that have been converted into a charming event space called The Ruin Venue. While you sit on how brilliant of an idea that is, I'm going to lead you through the beautiful location!

Of course we arrived at golden hour to catch those last rays of sun, shining through the stormy clouds that were headed our direction. Fortunately, we never felt a drop of rain (although we could definitely use it!) but it created a moody element that I was surely excited about!

You may be asking yourself - 'Okay okay, Jordan... that location is stunning, but where is your outfit from?' Well let me start with the jewelry from Eliza Designs LA. All of her designs are handmade here in LA and they are all so dreamy, elegant, and basically everything I could ever want in an accessory. They add that mystical touch to even the most simple get up!

Let's get a closer look at those beauties from Eliza Designs LA! I was really feeling the color tones ::)

Along with those storm clouds came heavy winds, but sometimes you just gotta go with the flow! And by flow I mean, fix your hair every 2 seconds since it quickly becomes a rat's nest but also never miss that soft windy photo opp! So, now let's talk a little bit about that rustic magic - that is the beautiful set I'm wearing from Tobi (who offers 50% off your first order!). I just love how romantic, boho, and vintage this silhouette is!

To end the shoot, I danced where I would imagine all of the dancing occurs at this venue (oh, peep the track I included below!)

Photos shot by Darius Twin.

// she's a runaway //

// exploring the coast //

I've just returned from a visit to see my family in Plano, TX - where I grew up! I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned that before, but yes I am a Texas gal, indeed. It was really nice to be home, to just *relax* and enjoy catching up with my family. Oh, and you gotta love a night's rest in your old bed! I am happy to be home now, though, so I can get back in the swing of things and release more of our recent shoots!

This shoot is a combination of photos from our excursion on the coast of Big Sur. A few are photos we shot at the beautiful locations we drove by and just *had* to check out. The last few images were shot at McWay Falls - one of my favorite views in Big Sur. I just love how magical that little waterfall is! 

I'm wearing a new spring favorite - perfect for a Sunday brunch, afternoon stroll through the park, or coffee date. I just love the casual but classy vibe of this get up! I finally found the perfect fitting mom jeans from Zulu & Zephyr, that I chose to pair those with their funky (and comfy!) top. Check out my outfit details below!

Photos shot by Darius Twin.

Blending In | Death Valley Superbloom


The superbloom in Death Valley was surely *super* and so was that matching silk silhouette by Few Moda.


Flowers coated the valley everywhere you looked - it was so beautiful! 


I collected a few of the wildflowers to take home with me, because I have a sketch book at home that is full of pressed and dried flowers. This was the perfect opportunity to add a little Death Valley magic in there!


Those sea glass rings are a new favorite addition to my jewelry collection, and I just loved the way they paired with the yellow flowers.


Springtime is the best time to be in Death Valley - the vibrant flowers, perfect temperature, nice breeze, on top of the amazing-ness that is Death valley, is hard to beat!

Photos shot by Darius Twin.

// sunset by the sea //

Never end a day without seeing the sunset, because each and every one is a natural gift from the painted skies above. Some may leave you absolutely speechless - like this one at Pfeiffer Beach, for instance. You can't really predict what the skies may bring when the sun begins to set; but when life gives you a sky that carries streaks of clouds, you just might end up with a pink-filled atmosphere that makes the sunset one you'll always remember.

I took my chances here by wearing this stunning outfit in the hopes it would match the pink skies, and fortunately the *Sky Gods* were feeling the outfit I put together and matched the hues perfectly! I coated myself with those beautiful jewels by Nina Designs, because I find their pieces as inspirational as a sunset! They have both ready-to-wear pieces and design ideas where you can source inspiration and buy the items needed to create your own one-of-a-kind jewelry at home. Take a peek at the selects I made for this sunset silhouette below!

Photos shot by Darius Twin.