// windswept //

Welcome to Bryce Canyon, ladies & gents! Jordan here, your visual tour guide for the day to take you through this scenic heaven on earth. ::)

We choose to drive as far to the top as we could, and then take our sweet time cruising back to home base, stopping at all of the scenic points along the way. So, this visual guide will take you through most of the views the park has to offer. It was quite windy up here!

The winds were strong, but that all added to the epic-ness of our experience. I felt as if I were flying when I looked down at all of the canyons, as my hair was swept with the ever-flowing winds. And that beautiful dress by Auguste couldn't have moved any better.

These trees looked so haunting - an unexpected surprise we drove by on our adventure!

We finally made it back to the spot we chose to see the sunset at. So here I am, soaking up that last bit of golden hour light before the sky fills with color!

While, of course, showing off that dress's movement!

The sunset is here, guys, which as you know by now is my favorite time of the day! Hello hue heaven, I'm kickin' my feet up for you!

Don't leave the park until you see the sunset. It is such a sweet moment. Here I am, taking it all in, enjoying every minute that passes as the vibrance continues to grow.

Thanks for the fun times, Bryce Canyon!