// above the clouds //

Welcome to Topanga Canyon lookout, yall - the place I like to go to clear my head after a long day and enjoy a nice glass of wine while the sun gracefully sets behind those mountain layers. It's not the easiest hike out there, but totally doable and refreshing, and so worth it - because, look at those views. Best of all, it's close to LA - so when we're not feeling up for our usual 3-6 hour drives to remote locations, we go here. 

Now onto what I'm wearing. While styling this purple get up - I started with my new go to embroidered top for fall by Karen Kane. While roaming through my closet, from a distance, I saw those perfectly purple trouser pants and light bulbs started flashing bright above my head! I was so excited to shoot this outfit, yet alone wear it during the fall. 

Well guys, I'm happy to say you made it through another week and the weekend is finally here. I am headed up to Santa Barbara for a wedding! Expect a new post from me on Sunday ^_^

You can also see this look on Lookastic here!