// a dance with light //

Shot by Eric Paré

Last week, Darren and I were (finally!) able to meet Eric and Kim and collaborate on some beautiful imagery while they were visiting LA from Montreal. If you don't already follow them, it's a must! Their photos are so surreal, magical, and dreamy - taking you away from reality and into the world of light & dance. Kim has a major dance background (like me!) so it was really fun to allow our minds to work together while the boys focused on the camera tricks ^_^ Now it's time for us to take a trip to Montreal so they can show us around!

// ain't no mountain high enough //

Here's a little journey that Darren and I took through Mt. Wilson the other day that ended with the nicest sunset a girl could ever ask for ^_^

On a side note, I have some exciting news for you guys! Very very soon, Darren and I will be taking a loooong road trip to some locations we have been wanting to see for years now. I won't reveal the locations, because that would ruin the surprise (and who likes ruined surprises?!), but let's just say it involves traveling through 3 different states. I can't wait to adventure, create, and see the world with my one and only - and to document each and every moment so you guys can feel like you were there with us! 

// a walk through the forest //

While many may appreciate the beautiful cliffs & coastlines of Big Sur, the forests are just as scenic and deserving of exploration. The vibrant hues of green and brown are highlighted by the rays of light shining through the many trees tucked away in the forest - adding that magical sense of adventure while strolling through the path. This particular trail in Big Sur is at Limekiln State Park and ends with a beautiful waterfall! White surely was a good color for this heavenly walk - those overalls were glowing with the light rays. 

// above the clouds //

Welcome to Topanga Canyon lookout, yall - the place I like to go to clear my head after a long day and enjoy a nice glass of wine while the sun gracefully sets behind those mountain layers. It's not the easiest hike out there, but totally doable and refreshing, and so worth it - because, look at those views. Best of all, it's close to LA - so when we're not feeling up for our usual 3-6 hour drives to remote locations, we go here. 

Now onto what I'm wearing. While styling this purple get up - I started with my new go to embroidered top for fall by Karen Kane. While roaming through my closet, from a distance, I saw those perfectly purple trouser pants and light bulbs started flashing bright above my head! I was so excited to shoot this outfit, yet alone wear it during the fall. 

Well guys, I'm happy to say you made it through another week and the weekend is finally here. I am headed up to Santa Barbara for a wedding! Expect a new post from me on Sunday ^_^

You can also see this look on Lookastic here!

// orange groove //

We found ourselves in Ojai again - land of orange groves, friendly folks, farmer's markets, creativity, calm breezes, and positivity. Our good friend's band put on an amazing show that night deep in an Ojai forest - and it was such a refreshing experience dancing under the stars with some cool people ^_^ 

// angel on the edge //

Shot by Darius Twin

Darren gives me wings ^_^ no, but really, if only I could always have some light-up angel wings! I'm so happy to be able to add another photo to our "angel" series. This is the 4th one that we have shot so far, and we will only be adding many many more. We shot this one while we were at Rainbow Basin - the weather was perfect and we were the only people there. Oh, and it happened to be a full moon that night, so the whole landscape was lit up bright, making it easy for us to be the night-explorers that we are! 

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekends ~ pretty soon here I will be off to see my friends play some amazing tunes at a farm in Ojai! <3

// born in the wrong decade ///

While planning for this shoot, Darren and I were thinking 'hmm, what's a good, nearby, late-60s style location?' Oh yeah, our own house der ^_^ So here it is folks, the house that Darren and I reside in and call 'home'. All of you guys see us traveling around the world, but never really get the chance to see behind the scenes, where we sleep most days of the week (ha!) 

// life on mars //

Well, it's time to reveal the *secret* location... Rainbow Basin! It was insane getting out there in our little sedan - aka not meant for off-roading whatsoever. We were holding our breaths while driving in and trying so hard to avoid those 'we'll be stuck here forever' thoughts. Well, we made it through and (woah!) I am so glad we did. Look at those colors in the mountains ~ would you believe me if I told you that was all natural? Well, I assure you it is. Although, I'd like to believe a giant had a craft day and decided to paint them into rainbows. While exploring the area, feeling like I was walking in a dream, I was wearing this amazing lil' get up from Karen Kane. The poncho and pants are both made out of the softest-and-comfiest feaux suede - and I love me some comfort, especially when it looks amazing on as well.