// '73 holiday rambler //

This modern delight was quite possibly one of the most amazing places I've ever stayed at. It's called the Homestead Modern, located in the heart of Pioneertown, and walking distance from Pappy and Harriet's. I just loved wandering around this charming location in the middle of the desert. It is surrounded by Joshua Trees, mountainous views, and is enjoyable at every hour of the day. One of the things I loved most about the Homestead Modern, was the renovated '73 Holiday Rambler on the property (shown in the first 3 photos!). For this particular shoot, I wanted to focus on the trailer, while also giving you a glimpse into the interior of the house!

When I first saw photos of the Homestead Modern, so many ideas began brewing and I knew I needed to create a look inspired by late-60s fashion with that amazing trailer. So when I first saw that yellow dress by Leon Max, all of my retro dreams came true! That yellow mixed with that rusty brown made for such a great color-scheme. 

I cannot wait to release more images from our stay at this beautiful abode in Pioneertown! Stay tuned!

Photos shot by Darius Twin.

// above the clouds //

Welcome to Topanga Canyon lookout, yall - the place I like to go to clear my head after a long day and enjoy a nice glass of wine while the sun gracefully sets behind those mountain layers. It's not the easiest hike out there, but totally doable and refreshing, and so worth it - because, look at those views. Best of all, it's close to LA - so when we're not feeling up for our usual 3-6 hour drives to remote locations, we go here. 

Now onto what I'm wearing. While styling this purple get up - I started with my new go to embroidered top for fall by Karen Kane. While roaming through my closet, from a distance, I saw those perfectly purple trouser pants and light bulbs started flashing bright above my head! I was so excited to shoot this outfit, yet alone wear it during the fall. 

Well guys, I'm happy to say you made it through another week and the weekend is finally here. I am headed up to Santa Barbara for a wedding! Expect a new post from me on Sunday ^_^

You can also see this look on Lookastic here!

// orange groove //

We found ourselves in Ojai again - land of orange groves, friendly folks, farmer's markets, creativity, calm breezes, and positivity. Our good friend's band put on an amazing show that night deep in an Ojai forest - and it was such a refreshing experience dancing under the stars with some cool people ^_^ 

Tie Dyed Sunset

I just returned from a trip to Denver, visiting my best friend from college and exploring the city in all it's beauty! First stop, Mt. Evans (as pictured above). Woah, this was an insane drive. This is the highest paved road in north america - aka you feel like you are driving into the heavenly sky. Which fortunately enough, the sun was setting as we drove up and the sky began exploding into millions of hues, lighting the mountains with magic. Those views from the top left me wanting to move to CO. ^_^

// empty road //

Welcome to Convict Lake, ladies and gents --- named this way because (way back in the day) a group of convicts escaped from prison and came here to hide out. Well, it's not a bad place to hide out I must say ^_^ and fortunately, I didn't cross pass with any convicts on the run. Now it's a popular spot for fishermen and photographers! Loved the way that Tobi dress looked with the reflected water!

// bottle house rock //

Kristinit dress // Sarah Mulder necklace // Satya earrings // vintage bracelet & shoes

What an adventure it was while walking through this dreamy spot - as the golden hour sunlight illuminated the bottles throughout! We took a pit stop here off of Route 66 to shoot, and of course, explore it in it's entirety. There were so many hidden gems here - like that typewriter you see me typing on above. I chose to add a little vintage flare to this shoot, wearing the most beautiful dress by Kristinit.

// like a sun upon the sky //

Native Rose top // Levis jeans // Sarah Mulder necklace & bracelet  // 2020Ave sunglasses

The best get up for a road trip, that's for sure -- as the golden tones were glowing "like a sun upon the sky" ^_^

// desert daisy //

Tasi Malibu skirt
Kristinit top
Sarah Mulder necklace
Ariat boots

I wandered off to Red Rock the other weekend and shot with amazing friend & photographer Kellee Lee (@kellee_lee). We camped out there and spent our time dressin' up, drinkin' whiskey, listenin' to fireside jams, and shootin' the raddest of photos. Here's one of the shoots we did featuring a few of my favorite brands, that when combined together, creates the DeSeRt DaIsY vibe we were lookin' for! Looking forward to showing you guys the rest of the photos we shot. 

Twin Shadow // Old Love New Love