// rolling hills //

Wearing mostly vintage // shot by Isabella Cook

Rolling hills as far as I can see, coated with California poppies & dreamy breezes - sending shivers up my spine! I sure do love divine places such as these, especially enjoyed with good company. My dear friend Isabella shot these photos of me when we went on a spontaneous road trip to the California poppy reserve. Happy Friday! 

// flowers & fur //

Valley City jacket
Kerol D Apparel shorts

This is quite possibly my favorite jacket that I own. Oh, and the location ins't too bad either ;). Here I am, in my psychedelic princess zone, frolicking & dreaming through the poppy fields. I thoroughly enjoyed this shoot with photographer Kellee Lee and stylist Kaycee Krieg, and I can't wait to do it again. 

Zhu // Faded (ODESZA Remix)

// dreaming in a bed of flowers //

Catherine Fulmer dress

Took another lil' adventure over to the poppy fields with photographer & friend Kellee Lee and stylist & friend Kaycee Krieg. I always love surrounding myself with other creatives, and letting our imaginations explore & experiment. I sure as hell felt like I was in a dream while shooting in the fields, and that's exactly the way Kellee's images turned out.

Savoir Adore // Dreamers

// love like a sunset //

Whitney Eve top
Levi's jeans
Ariat boots
Sarah Mulder necklace

Here's my second styling of the Whitney Eve tank, paired with Levi's boyfriend jeans and my Ariat boots - aka the perfect road trip outfit. Stylish and comfortable. Oh, it also paired well with the perfectly-gradient skies. If you're looking for me, you can find me under the sunset.

Beatenberg // Rafael

colors of the wind ~

Whitey Eve dress
Ariat International boots
Sarah Mulder necklace

Yesterday, I took another road trip to the poppy reserve to see if they were (finally!) in bloom since we had a few days of rain a week ago. Sadly , there were only a few poppies, but this Whitney Eve dress and the colorful fabrics I brought along added that pop of color I was looking for. Even without the poppies, the reserve is still a delight because of the expansive rolling hills and the views from the different hikes throughout. The strong winds gracefully moved the fabric in such a picturesque way, and the golden hour sun lit the colors perfectly! My hair may have been a mess after this shoot, but it was all worth it. 

Young Ejecta // Your Planet

winter leaves ~

Levis dress
Ariat boots

I woke up to 70 degree weather this past Saturday, and decided to spend the sunny day traveling to and wandering through the Vasquez Rocks and Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve. I must say that I love living in LA because of the proximity of some of the most surreal and alluring locations nearby. While wandering through Vasquez Rocks, we stumbled upon the dying tree pictured above, withering away in beauty. Although the poppy's weren't in bloom at the reserve, the rolling hills and gradient skies made for an elegant backdrop. I can only imagine what the view will look like while covered in poppies! See you in the spring time, poppies!

Nick Leng // Leaves