// flowers in your hair //

Tasi Malibu skirt
Rosel poncho
Catherine Fulmer top
Barbara C Pellegrino ring
Sarah Mulder necklace

Here I am feelin' dreamy while surrounded by 50 acres of stunning color, like any girl would. All around me were flowers of different types & color, while the pacific ocean waves were crashing in the background. What a way to end a weekend trip to San Diego, feeling refreshed and ready to start another week. 

The Lumineers // Flowers In Your Hair

// flowers & fur //

Valley City jacket
Kerol D Apparel shorts

This is quite possibly my favorite jacket that I own. Oh, and the location ins't too bad either ;). Here I am, in my psychedelic princess zone, frolicking & dreaming through the poppy fields. I thoroughly enjoyed this shoot with photographer Kellee Lee and stylist Kaycee Krieg, and I can't wait to do it again. 

Zhu // Faded (ODESZA Remix)

Natural Blues | Badwater Basin


Motel Rocks top & skirt
Valley City trench coat

Here I am, standing in the lowest point of North America called Badwater Basin with an elevation of 282 ft. below sea level. The location is called Badwater Basin because the water literally is 'bad' and undrinkable due to the accumulated salts surrounding the basin. You can smell the salt with every breath you take, and your skin starts to feel a bit dry, but the location itself is extremely beautiful & worthwhile at any point of the day. I recommend a visit during golden hour, sunset, and at night to see the stars. If you're there during a full moon, that's even better because the cracks in the ground illuminate. I chose to wear this stunning top & skirt from Motel Rocks at blue hour to accentuate my favorite color blue & because the weather in the desert was perfect at this moment!

// let's go to the beach //


Barbara C Pellegrino necklace & ring
Motel Rocks dress
Ariat International boots
vintage jacket & belt

We all need a beach day every now and then, even if the skies are grey - so we decided to spend our Sunday exploring the Leo Carillo State Park in all it's beauty. Let's just say I may have stood out quite a bit while wearing this silk & fur coat on the beach, but the golden tones shining bright with the golden hour sun made for an elegant shoot. I am absolutely in love with BCP Jewelry - and I thought it was appropriate to wear her shark tooth necklace near the ocean.

Banoffee // Let's Go To The Beach

California Sunrise | Mesquite Sand Dunes in Death Valley


Motel Rocks bikini top & bottom
Chaser kimono
vintage choker

Sometimes we focus so much on a sunset that we forget about the allurement of the sunrise. Starting my day off with a colorful & inspirational, natural beauty was the best meditational remedy. I was lucky enough to experience it while atop the Mesquite Sand Dunes in Death Valley. I will forever remember this moment under the desert skies while my toes strolled through the chilly sand. 

Dirty Gold // California Sunrise

// dreaming in a bed of flowers //

Catherine Fulmer dress

Took another lil' adventure over to the poppy fields with photographer & friend Kellee Lee and stylist & friend Kaycee Krieg. I always love surrounding myself with other creatives, and letting our imaginations explore & experiment. I sure as hell felt like I was in a dream while shooting in the fields, and that's exactly the way Kellee's images turned out.

Savoir Adore // Dreamers

// mirage //

Catherine Fulmer sequin skirt & scorpion jacket
American Apparel babydoll tee

I spent the weekend in the desert with my dear friend Isabella Cook, and of course we had a few photo shoots. We started the weekend staying at Ace Hotel in Palm Springs and then ended it with a night of camping in Anza Borrego. These photos were shot in Anza Borrego ~ and shortly after we set up camp, built a campfire, and told a few stories of course. Camping is always a good time, but even better when you're with your closest friends. 

I chose to feature the song below not only because it's pure bliss, but because it's off of Dead Horse Beat's album "Campfire Sessions," which is what Isabella and I decided to call our story time by the fire. 

Dead Horse Beats // All Night Long

// moonage daydream //

Valley City jacket
Brielle Belle moon necklace
Sarah Mulder quartz necklace
YRU shoes

Darren and I went on a little adventure around our neighborhood yesterday to shoot before he headed out on a plane today to Columbia, MO to light paint at a festival. This bridge crosses over the LA river, and is not only architecturally interesting, but also has an assortment of randomly placed, and delightfully colorful, locks. I figured since the jacket is so bold & vibrant, I'd pair it with a small color pop in the backdrop. I chose to style it with all black, a hint of gold, and let the jacket do it's thing. 

// earth wind & fire //

Kerol D top
Happy Hour Collection pants

Here I am exploring the inner depths of the earth, at a location called "Fossil Falls" - existing due to a nearby volcano that erupted many many years ago. Basically, this location is a natural playground for those who like to climb - aka me. The smooth textures from the surface, and the views from the crevice made for an epic adventure.

Romare // Motherless Child