// mother of dragons //

Channeling my inner Khaleesi, while taming my dragon in Anza Borrego. This is one of the many amazing sculptures by Ricardo A Breceda that appear throughout Anza Borrego - they are all absolutely stunning pieces of art and definitely worth the scavenger hunt to see them.

// runaway with the wind //

Honey Sucker Apparel cardigan

Today's post is purely to spread the word about the importance of discovering more about yourself & the world around you. Get out and travel. Take your vacation days. Quit your day job if it's not right for you. Time is WAY too short to waste and you never want to regret not accomplishing your dreams. Take risks and go for whatever it is that makes you the happiest and the best version of yourself. I made some bold & scary moves within these past few years to try and chase this 'world wandering' dream I've had for a while, and I'm so fortunate I did so.  I know I have so much more to accomplish, but I'm doing something that I love with my whole heart, and that gives me the extra push to keep going for it! I'll stop with my lecture ^_^ now go see the world!

// mirage //

Catherine Fulmer sequin skirt & scorpion jacket
American Apparel babydoll tee

I spent the weekend in the desert with my dear friend Isabella Cook, and of course we had a few photo shoots. We started the weekend staying at Ace Hotel in Palm Springs and then ended it with a night of camping in Anza Borrego. These photos were shot in Anza Borrego ~ and shortly after we set up camp, built a campfire, and told a few stories of course. Camping is always a good time, but even better when you're with your closest friends. 

I chose to feature the song below not only because it's pure bliss, but because it's off of Dead Horse Beat's album "Campfire Sessions," which is what Isabella and I decided to call our story time by the fire. 

Dead Horse Beats // All Night Long