where the forest meets the bridge ~


Catherine Fulmer trench
Ariat International boots
Kerol D hat

You can't make a trip to San Francisco and not see the Golden Gate Bridge ~ so why not see it from the most scenic spot possible? This sequence was shot on Baker Beach, and I assure you, it is just as magical as it appears. It was a bit cold this day, but it wasn't a bother because of the view I was taking in and the amazing trench I was wearing. 

Foxygen // San Francisco

bittersweet distractors ~

Catherine Fulmer jacket
Motel Rocks dress
Ariat International boots
Brielle Belle necklace

The other day, Darren and I took a hike up to the Parker Mesa Overlook in the Palisades and stumbled upon this magical sunset. What we thought was going to be a 3 mile hike (both ways) ended up being about 6.5 ~ but the view from the top made it all worth it. Oh, and the bottle of wine we were drinking helped too :) Making time for adventures like this is a bittersweet distraction from the real world, reminding you of what's important. Every single color of the rainbow was painted into the sky during this sunset, and I really love the way the outfit I styled fit into the scenery. 

Radiohead // Reckoner

from home ~

Kerol D dress

I feel like so many of you guys see me traveling around this crazy beautiful world, but never get to see the place I like to call home. Well here I am, hanging in my living room, wearing the most lovely dress from Kerol D. The record player I'm listening to is a hand me down from my mom, and I'm playing my favorite vinyl of all time: Past is Prologue by Tycho. In this shoot, we were really trying to create a cinematic scene, and the only way to truly add to that is to listen to that Tycho album yourself while looking through these photos. Many of my friends say my house is straight out of a 70s flick, and I'd like to agree. If I could pick any decade to live through (that I already haven't), I would choose the 70s hands down.

Tycho // From Home

// choose your own adventure //

Kerol D top
YMI jeans
Ariat boots
Worlds Apart Jewellery cuff

I couldn't be more excited to start a blog for Astro Bandit so that I can share the stories of my journeys with you all. My first post will be about exploring a secret spot we found off the PCH on our way back to LA from San Francisco just north of Santa Cruz. It is often a place for skateboarders to get into some dirty tricks ~ but this time around the rain got to it first, leaving Darren and I with an optimal spot to shoot some photos. I was pretty stoked about these photos because of how the colorful accents contrast the hazy, grey skies. 

Canopies // Choose Yer Own Adventure