Into The Mountains


What an adventure it was driving up the Angeles Crest Highway to Mount Wilson with this lovely lady ~ Hieu ~ and of course the one who documented it all with one hell of a vision, Darius Twin. The drive up there was a journey in itself, because as we saw cars driving the opposite direction down the mountain, we noticed the roofs were covered in snow. 'Do we continue?' we asked ourselves, 'YES!' So we did (with a little hesitation) ~~ and it was such a magical journey that ended with snow and a dreamy sunset. It was really fun combining forces and creating some stunning imagery with vibrant colors ~ how amazing is Hieu's hair by the way?

Natural Blues | Badwater Basin


Motel Rocks top & skirt
Valley City trench coat

Here I am, standing in the lowest point of North America called Badwater Basin with an elevation of 282 ft. below sea level. The location is called Badwater Basin because the water literally is 'bad' and undrinkable due to the accumulated salts surrounding the basin. You can smell the salt with every breath you take, and your skin starts to feel a bit dry, but the location itself is extremely beautiful & worthwhile at any point of the day. I recommend a visit during golden hour, sunset, and at night to see the stars. If you're there during a full moon, that's even better because the cracks in the ground illuminate. I chose to wear this stunning top & skirt from Motel Rocks at blue hour to accentuate my favorite color blue & because the weather in the desert was perfect at this moment!

bittersweet distractors ~

Catherine Fulmer jacket
Motel Rocks dress
Ariat International boots
Brielle Belle necklace

The other day, Darren and I took a hike up to the Parker Mesa Overlook in the Palisades and stumbled upon this magical sunset. What we thought was going to be a 3 mile hike (both ways) ended up being about 6.5 ~ but the view from the top made it all worth it. Oh, and the bottle of wine we were drinking helped too :) Making time for adventures like this is a bittersweet distraction from the real world, reminding you of what's important. Every single color of the rainbow was painted into the sky during this sunset, and I really love the way the outfit I styled fit into the scenery. 

Radiohead // Reckoner