// winter in california //

Here I am taking in those stellar views of the beautiful Joshua Tree ~~ aka Bedrock.

... while of course soaking up the golden hour sun (even though it was quite chilly!)

it started to get a little too chilly, so my Vagabond towel soon became a blanket ^_^ 

But with a cute/warm towel and a view like that (look at those clouds!), the temperature wasn't even a worry.

... and I just so happened to be drinking my favorite beer - Shiner Cheer, a seasonal dunkelweizen with hints of Texas peaches and pecans.

Cheers to you Joshua Tree - thanks for the sweet sunset.

Desert Delight

I know I always say this, but I just love Joshua Tree. Those desert vibes, quirky trees, and crisp fall breezes are sometimes all I ever need. The backpack I'm wearing from Sticks + Stones is my new favorite adventure accessory - I highly recommend this bag if you are looking for something both stylish and spacious! It's a traveling dream.

// road warrior //

Tasi Malibu top & shorts // Crazy Fucking Mary necklace

Here I am, skating down an open road in Joshua Tree, wearing the cutest set by Tasi Malibu. I'm crushin' on all of their pieces, but this one is perfect for all of my other skatin' babes! I started skateboarding almost 3 years ago when Darren bought me a skateboard for my birthday - and I'm so happy I did. I grew up as a dancer, and was dancing nearly 5 hours a day up until a few years ago. I remember seeing photos and videos of skateboarders, always secretly wishing I had the skill ^_^ but time wouldn't allow for me to start a new hobby, so I just dreamt of learning one day. Well that day came 3 years ago, and I can finally call myself a skateboarder! WOO! I still have much to learn, but nothing can compare to that feeling of strollin' down an open road. If you skateboard, you're living right. If you don't, I recommend going for a test drive!

// all eyes on blue //

Crazy Fucking Mary necklace

Not sure if you guys remember me lusting over Joshua Tree in one of my recent posts & experiencing the urge to get back there again to shoot & explore ~ well I was able to get myself out there again. Oh, and I happened to go two separate times in the past week... I guess you can say that I can't get enough Joshua Tree. While Darren and I were adventuring through the park, collaborating & creating like we always do, we decided to go to a few thrift stores to pick up some props. The mirror pictured above is one that we happened to find -- ideas started brewing & we began making the magic above.

This new hot chip track is fire... 
Hot Chip // Love Is The Future

// pink matter //

In All Honesty sweatshirt // Crazy Fucking Mary necklace // Girl on a Vine shawl // Levis jeans // Ariat boots

I find so much beauty in abandoned places, the mystery of the location's history that is sometimes forgotten, the imagination of how it used to appear, and the way it has decayed as time has passed. This location, in particular, has remained elegant even through deterioration ~ that amazing pink, the windows, and the structure are incredibly picturesque. 

I did a little styling trick here -- I'm actually wearing men's jeans. I find myself wearing boyfriend jeans more than ever these days, and thought - why not just buy a pair of men's jeans? It was a bold move, but I love the way they fit.

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// divine thing //

Shot by: Darius Twin

Spent the past few days CrEaTiNg & DrEaMiNg in Joshua Tree & Anza Borrego with my partner in crime and love, Darius Twin. The photo above was shot at Arch Rock in Joshua Tree, and it happened to be high winds and 40 degrees outside. I was shivering from head to toe, but luckily enough, I was able to hold still for long enough to create this photo! If only I could keep my light wings on all of the time ^_^