// sunblock //

Brielle Belle shorts // Indosole sandals // The Hellers top // Sarah Mulder earrings // Inverness & Crane rings // 2020Ave sunglasses

Happy Monday, everyone! I spent the weekend soakin' up some sun and wine tasting in Santa Barbara. On the way back to LA, Darren and I made a pit stop here at Lizard's Mouth to shoot some photos. It was such a cool hike out there ~ a lot of (easy) rock climbing involved, ending with a scenic view from the beautiful spot pictured above. I felt a little bit like Simba while standing up there! ^_^

// golden flight //

Shovava scarf // Pippa Lynn top // Levis jeans // Indosole shoes

When I was younger, I used to take any chance I could to throw a penny into a fountain and wish for the ability to fly. I dreamt about flying so often, that occasionally I thought I actually could. Well, many years later, I'm still not flying. But hey, can't a kid dream? ^_^ Thanks to Shovava, I now have a pair of wings that I can wear all of the time. I may not be able to fly, but I sure feel angelic while wearing them! 

// adventure awaits //

Indosole shoes // Native Rose top // Levis jeans // 2020ave sunglasses

This abandoned house is located at the top of a big cliff right outside of San Francisco ~ what a cool spot, I gotta say! I keep finding myself standing/sitting on extremely sketchy spots, but I always remind myself that it's "all for the photo." I guess this one wasn't AS scary as it looks, but anytime I'm sitting on the edge of anything with height, my nerves start to tremble. I'm getting better at hiding my face of fear (ha!) Anyhoo, here's another pair of shoes from Indosole - where they repurpose tires for the soles of the shoes. They are extremely comfortable for my daily adventures, and I always get so many compliments while wearing them. 

// spread your wings //

Shovava scarf // 2020 ave sunglasses & jumpsuit

For the past week or so, I spread my wings and flew up the coast to Big Sur ~ land of magical coastal cliffs, forests, beaches, and campfire scents. Lookin' forward to showing you guys more of what was created during the road trip!

// salvation mountain //

White Crow overalls // Gard Eyewear sunglasses // Ariat boots // vintage tee & bracelet

If I had the opportunity to live in Salvation Mountain, I think I would consider it ^_^ It feels like your wandering around a dreamland, full of color, love, and inspirational words and artwork. I dedicate this post to Leonard Knight who spent his life building Salvation Mountain, a mountain built out of adobe, straw, and oh-so-very-much paint. Leonard passed away last year and this impacted everyone who had been lucky enough to see his (large) piece of artwork. Salvation Mountain is located near Slab City and a few miles away from the Salton Sea, which is also pictured in the photos above. I recommend a visit for yourself, pictures just don't do it justice. RIP Leonard Knight.

// like a sun upon the sky //

Native Rose top // Levis jeans // Sarah Mulder necklace & bracelet  // 2020Ave sunglasses

The best get up for a road trip, that's for sure -- as the golden tones were glowing "like a sun upon the sky" ^_^

// stone cold bandit //

Indosole shoes // Levis jeans // Pippa Lynn top

This week has been crazy busy for me, so it was nice to get out yesterday and hike the arroyo seco trail and go for a skate. If I don't feel like I'm experiencing some sort of adventure, I start to go a little loco ^_^ This skate sesh, however, was just a tease for what's to come this weekend -- Darren and I are headed out for another road trip adventure. Where? Well, I can't ruin the surprise now can I? I'm bringing these new shoes from Indosole with me - the soles are made with repurposed tires. Not only do they look super cute on, but they are eco-friendly and I love that.

// silver rocket //

Pippa Lynn jacket & skirt // Barbara C Pellegrino necklace

"All silver everythang" -- my thoughts exactly while styling this shoot at Red Rock Canyon. I felt like a lady from the future, as this two piece from Pippa Lynn shined bright with the golden hour light. 

I'm sure many of you guys wonder how Darren and I usually go about these photo adventures - in terms of getting there, where we stay, etc. Well, it may come as a surprise, but we drive to and camp at almost every location we travel to. Not only does it save a ton of money, but it makes the experience all the better. I usually fill the back seat with clothes, props, shoes, and jewelry and treat it as a temporary closet to do my styling with. Most of the time, I try to plan the styling ahead of time, but every now and then it makes more sense to style once I see the location. Normally we leave with an expected itinerary - camping one night at a particular location, then driving a few hours the next day and camping at another location. Or sometimes we finish it all in a day, and drive back home in the late hours of the night. We love what we do and we are so dedicated to doing it. Traveling is what keeps us happy, creating, & inspired.

We're headed out to Mt. Pinos in a few hours or so to do some shooting in the forest! I can't wait to show you what we create ^_^ we have some cool ideas planned. 

// road warrior //

Tasi Malibu top & shorts // Crazy Fucking Mary necklace

Here I am, skating down an open road in Joshua Tree, wearing the cutest set by Tasi Malibu. I'm crushin' on all of their pieces, but this one is perfect for all of my other skatin' babes! I started skateboarding almost 3 years ago when Darren bought me a skateboard for my birthday - and I'm so happy I did. I grew up as a dancer, and was dancing nearly 5 hours a day up until a few years ago. I remember seeing photos and videos of skateboarders, always secretly wishing I had the skill ^_^ but time wouldn't allow for me to start a new hobby, so I just dreamt of learning one day. Well that day came 3 years ago, and I can finally call myself a skateboarder! WOO! I still have much to learn, but nothing can compare to that feeling of strollin' down an open road. If you skateboard, you're living right. If you don't, I recommend going for a test drive!

// last light //

Native Rose top & shorts // 2020 Ave sunglasses // Nasty Gal shoes

I found myself traveling to Red Rock Canyon again the other day, wearing this amazingly-patterned two piece by Native Rose. While the winds are always strong at Red Rock, this get-up flowed well with the breeze and was so comfortable for me to do my usual exploring in ^_^ Every time I'm wandering around Red Rock, I always discover new places to see (and climb hehe) -- as you'll see in these photos, I climbed up some pretty steep spots to see the sun creep behind the mountains. 

I'm posting another track today that has been on many of my playlists for the past few years -- it's one of those songs I think all of you should hear. It makes me want to drive with the windows down through some exotic & enchanting location, while his soothing lyrics blast through the speakers.