// a dance with light //

Shot by Eric Paré

Last week, Darren and I were (finally!) able to meet Eric and Kim and collaborate on some beautiful imagery while they were visiting LA from Montreal. If you don't already follow them, it's a must! Their photos are so surreal, magical, and dreamy - taking you away from reality and into the world of light & dance. Kim has a major dance background (like me!) so it was really fun to allow our minds to work together while the boys focused on the camera tricks ^_^ Now it's time for us to take a trip to Montreal so they can show us around!

// let's go to the beach //


Barbara C Pellegrino necklace & ring
Motel Rocks dress
Ariat International boots
vintage jacket & belt

We all need a beach day every now and then, even if the skies are grey - so we decided to spend our Sunday exploring the Leo Carillo State Park in all it's beauty. Let's just say I may have stood out quite a bit while wearing this silk & fur coat on the beach, but the golden tones shining bright with the golden hour sun made for an elegant shoot. I am absolutely in love with BCP Jewelry - and I thought it was appropriate to wear her shark tooth necklace near the ocean.

Banoffee // Let's Go To The Beach