// angel on the edge //

Shot by Darius Twin

Darren gives me wings ^_^ no, but really, if only I could always have some light-up angel wings! I'm so happy to be able to add another photo to our "angel" series. This is the 4th one that we have shot so far, and we will only be adding many many more. We shot this one while we were at Rainbow Basin - the weather was perfect and we were the only people there. Oh, and it happened to be a full moon that night, so the whole landscape was lit up bright, making it easy for us to be the night-explorers that we are! 

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekends ~ pretty soon here I will be off to see my friends play some amazing tunes at a farm in Ojai! <3

// life on mars //

Well, it's time to reveal the *secret* location... Rainbow Basin! It was insane getting out there in our little sedan - aka not meant for off-roading whatsoever. We were holding our breaths while driving in and trying so hard to avoid those 'we'll be stuck here forever' thoughts. Well, we made it through and (woah!) I am so glad we did. Look at those colors in the mountains ~ would you believe me if I told you that was all natural? Well, I assure you it is. Although, I'd like to believe a giant had a craft day and decided to paint them into rainbows. While exploring the area, feeling like I was walking in a dream, I was wearing this amazing lil' get up from Karen Kane. The poncho and pants are both made out of the softest-and-comfiest feaux suede - and I love me some comfort, especially when it looks amazing on as well. 

// me and the moon //

Shot by Darius Twin

Yesterday, Darren and I went on a little adventure to catch that super blood moon burning bright in a remote location. The location is a *secret* for now that I will reveal in a post this week. However, in the meantime, I wanted to show you the photo we captured with that bloody-brilliant-beauty!